June 26, 2022

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Looking for prosperity? Choose the 4S method

Looking for prosperity?  Choose the 4S method

Do you know 4S? This is a method developed by Dr. Christian Rechia after many years of research. It’s learning to “control your food sphere, your sleep, your stress and your sport”, in short preventing for better healing. When things go wrong we go to the doctor. In contrast, in Well done for you, Christian Rechia stressed: “Everything is a question of common sense because everything is in prevention, but no one is responsible.”

“Medicine has made remarkable progress with care in France for 70 years, being able to treat patients remarkably. We should respect this medicine, but it is not enough,” he stressed. According to the doctor, if someone applies his method, he guarantees that “you will add years of life and you will add tissue repair”, “beyond 55 years”.

Immaculate diet and sleep

But what does 4S correspond to? First of all, it explains in detail the question of “maintaining one’s food sphere from the ground to the fork and from the fork to the neurons”, Christian Rechia. “By eating slowly you should be able to immerse yourself,” he recalled.

Then, “You need to sleep well because after being activated during the day, you need to repair yourself well at night and repair neurons at night”. And the professor emphasized that “those who sleep poorly often have degenerative diseases at the neuronal level.”

Manage stress and stay active

Another aspect of 4S, the Stress management
. “It’s very necessary, you need to do yoga, listen to music, read, relax,” he told the doctor over the microphone in Europe 1, especially as “stress is more toxic than fat, sugar, alcohol and tobacco.”

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Finally, you should play sports. Dr. Rechia has been practicing ten hours a week for decades. And he has a very personal technique: gardening. He got a taste of it through his grandfather. “It’s a quiet physical activity that relaxes like golf.”