July 5, 2022

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Samsung is finally taking cloud gaming seriously on its televisions

Samsung is finally taking cloud gaming seriously on its televisions

Samsung has announced its new range of televisions, the Neo QLED 2022. In addition to supporting Stadia and GeForce Now, the Korean company seems to be well thought out about integrating cloud gaming on its products.

Google Stadia Controller

Google Stadia Controller // Source: Numerama

Samsung has decided to make a strong start to CES 2022 this year by announcing its Neo QLED 2022 range. And the good news for video game lovers is that these televisions are compatible with two major services, the Google Stadia and the Nvidia GeForce Now app. Cloud gaming is already available on the televisions of competing brands such as LG.

Microsoft has announced the arrival of xCloud on connected TVs, and as soon as it becomes available, we anticipate that Samsung will also want to offer it in its 2022 lineup.

Good technical arguments

But the existence of cloud gaming apps in the TV store is not all. Technical and software experience should also be followed. And according to Samsung’s promises for its new panels, the Korean manufacturer decided to set the bar too high.

Three factors could demonstrate Samsung’s desire to push cloud gaming on its televisions: the display frequency of its panels, and the ease of interface and controllers that give these gaming services more space.

144 Hz

Let’s start with the slab. UHD (or 4K) models offer a display frequency of 144 Hz. On the other hand, it is not yet clear whether Nvidia’s G-Sync will be in the game. Must support AMD’s FreeSync.

Gaming Bar 2.0

At the interface level, Samsung has also made some efforts in the direction of cloud gaming. Content from GeForce Now or Stadia will be highlighted on the homepage of its new Tizen OS, as it has already been done with many SVoD services.

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Samsung also offers Gaming Bar 2.0, but unfortunately we do not currently have any pictures or details.

A controller for all devices

The latest news, according to To the edge, Its television’s gaming hub must be allowed to use a single controller for its console connected to HDMI and for its cloud gaming service.

Samsung Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub // Source: Samsung

Anyone who has ever had trouble with two devices connected to the same controller, knows how much it enhances the gaming experience, while at the same time avoiding plugging one controller into each device, which is not very reasonable …

Both the PlayStation and Xbox controllers are expected to support these new TVs as soon as they are released.

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