July 5, 2022

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Being a super fan of a celebrity … low wit

Being a super fan of a celebrity ... low wit


  • A score between 90 and 110 is the average for an IQ test.
  • The Intelligence Quotient (or IQ) is a numerical measure of a person’s intelligence according to their age.

According to a new study published in BMC PsychologyCognitive performance decreases slightly in celebrities or people engaged with celebrities.

Vocabulary test and number test

“Unlike the previous ones, this study is controlled for a number of potential related variables”, The authors of the article, Lynn E. McCutcheon, Agnes Gisela, and Zsolt Demetrovics explained in a joint statement to Cypost.

Thus, 1,763 Hungarian adults took the vocabulary test and the numerical test. The researchers also collected their self-esteem, income, physical wealth and level of education. Their potential stellar adoration level is measured using a scientific questionnaire called the “Celebrity Attitude Scale”.

After linking all of these data to each other, the researchers found that higher scores on the Celebrity Attitude Scale were associated with lower performance on both cognitive ability tests.

Decreased performance

“This data supports previous results showing that excessive behaviors impair cognitive function, perhaps due to the concentration and energy invested in this attitude, which is gradually becoming prevalent in an individual’s life.” Analyze researchers.

“High levels of appreciation can be seen as contributing to a decline in performance in tasks that require cognitive effort regardless of education or age”, They ended.

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