June 29, 2022

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Break the barrier at FedExField | Jalen Hartz wants to know what action the NFL will take

Break the barrier at FedExField |  Jalen Hartz wants to know what action the NFL will take

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hertz asked the NFL and Washington team what action to take after being hampered by fan pressure on Sunday. An “almost tragic” incident, he wrote.

Catherine Harvey-Pinard

Catherine Harvey-Pinard

The scene took place at FedEx Field after the game between the Eagles and the Washington team. Just before Jalen Hartz entered the tunnel to exit the pitch, one of the metal barriers collapsed with the weight of the fans celebrating their team’s 20-16 victory.

About ten supporters fell from a few meters with the obstacle. The quarterback was able to narrowly escape him. A photographer, kneeling to take photos of the player, hit him hard and it was hard to get up.

“As you know, many people, including fans, members of the media and myself, were put in a dangerous situation when parts of the FedExfield tunnel collapsed,” he wrote in his letter. Washington Post Nicki Aubwala, Tuesday afternoon.

“Although I was able to prevent the obstacle from crashing into me, it was not the same for others suffering from injuries,” he added.

In shock, Hurtz still bent down to help one person. Olympian Calm, he agreed to discuss and take pictures with some of the fallen fans. Afterwards everyone was greeted before going back.

“Although I am calm, I understand the seriousness of what happened and I am very concerned for the well-being of the fans and the media. I want to know what the NFL and the Washington football team are doing to prevent this from happening again in the future. ”

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“NFL resources and organizations ensure our safety while playing this physical game, but what happened on Sunday put fans and players in unnecessary danger long after the final whistle. ”

“I look forward to hearing from you on this subject,” he concluded.