July 5, 2022

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Launches #Accentsolidaire in support of Quebec City Restaurants

Launches #Accentsolidaire in support of Quebec City Restaurants

Initiative is a component Solidarity movement The mayor of Quebec wants to start.

At a press conference on Thursday, the mayor announced that he would be inaugurating Many challenges In that order Stimulates the sense of community among the citizens and brightens the daily life of everyone.

The first concrete gesture aims to support restaurants. Its purpose is to allow the loved one in the gesture to deliver the meal Completely free. Citizens are invited to share their gesture using the keyword #accentsolidaire.

The City said it had already facilitated access for take-out orders by reserving parking spaces in front of restaurants on the streets and sectors of Saint-Paul, Maguire, Saint-Jean, Saint-Vallier, Saint-Joseph and Vieux-Québec. Those on Cartier Avenue will be added Thursday.

In this gray time let us further our solidarity by buying a meal for our family and the person in need or alone. Do not leave our calls with our loved ones. Today, we can collectively dream of a city where no one is abandoned and every one of us takes care of ourselves., Quebec Mayor estimates.

Another challenge, especially targeting families, will be announced soon.

Support major events

The mayor also asks his employees Do everything To prevent the cancellation of major events and to support them in receiving them. The mayor specifically cited the Quebec Winter Carnival and Snow Pentathlon, where the city wants to play an easier role in their management. A meeting between the city, public health and major events is scheduled for next week.

I think we are in a time when citizens, each of us, still need to believe that there are opportunities.

A quote from Bruno Marchand, Mayor of Quebec

The mayor also greeted Decision of the organizers of the Quebec International P-We Hockey Tournament, Who decided to postpone the event without canceling.

Bruno Marchand said the city is subject to government directives, but without Cancel too early Major events.

More announcements regarding winter activities will be announced in the coming weeks.

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