June 27, 2022

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Patrick Roy: Soon, his interview with a Canadian?

Patrick Roy: Soon, his interview with a Canadian?

Although he said he would meet with Canadians management soon, Patrick Roy said earlier this afternoon that he had not yet scheduled a interview for the post of general manager.

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The name of the last goalkeeper to win the Stanley Cup with Hobbs is on the list of candidates and according to our information the team hopes to meet him.

“I read it to you this morning [dans les médias] That I would put the meeting. All I can tell you at the moment is that there is no “scheduled” meeting yet, “commented the head coach and general manager of Rimports, who did not wish to dwell on the issue at the end of his press briefing.

“I will wait and see what happens in my case,” he added.

Wednesday evening, Renడ్d LaVoy, journalist for the TVA sports channel, The Canadian selection committee said it would meet Roy virtually Tomorrow. Laoi is reported to have reiterated this afternoon.

“First round [d’entrevues] Ends with Friday [demain] If everything goes according to plan; We meet two to three candidates a day, ”he told TVA Sports yesterday.

“There may be a second round next week, in 10 days, to make the announcement,” Laoi continued.

“What do they miss?”

In late November, Roy confirmed to the media his interest in the post of general manager, following the removal of Mark Bergewin and the appointment of Jeff Gorton as vice president of hockey operations.

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“What do they lose by trying me?” Since 1993, the club has been moving into circles, ”he began.

Roy’s candidacy appears alongside the likes of Daniel Brier (Flyers), Matthew Dorche (Lightning), Mark Denis, Kent Hughes, Stefan Quintal, Daniel Savege and Emily Castongway, who have been considered for the position.

Roy already has experience in this role. Between 2013 and 2016, he served as head coach, general manager and vice president of hockey operations with Avalanche, where he won the Jack-Adams Trophy.

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