June 26, 2022

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Vaccination is the only way

Vaccination is the only way

Michael Russo, Air Canada’s boss, has been criticized by all Quebecs for not speaking French in order to live in Montreal, study for himself and pursue a career.

“But it’s terrible, how can a person who has lived in Quebec for 14 years not speak a single bad word in French? Many Quebeckers asked themselves.

Now, sorry, but that’s not the right question to ask.

Pocket madness!

The good question is: “Why would an allophone or an anglophone force him to learn the language, to work, to communicate with the authorities – in short, to learn French if he does not need the language to live?” To Montreal? “

We will speak English with you at work. We will talk to you in English in stores. We speak English with you in Montreal and the Quebec government.

And we allow you to climb all the steps of success and stay at the top of the social pyramid by speaking only English.

Why do you speak French?

Fool in the pocket!

Personally, I’m not angry with Michael Rousseau!

The problem is not he! This is Quebec, which allows Michael Rousseau to thrive in Belle Province without even saying “thank you” or “good evening”.

This is us, the nanos!

Do you want to encourage allophones and anglophones to learn French? Proficiency in this language is required to improve their situation.

This is the only way.

Otherwise, they would have no incentive to speak French.

You need to make life in Quebec more enjoyable and easier when you speak the language of Michelle Tremble.

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And it’s less fun when you’re not talking.

It’s boring, but that’s it.

The lives of anglophones and allophones need to be further complicated.

The only exit door

Ditto for those who have not been vaccinated.

Why should people who refuse to be vaccinated for ideological (not medical) reasons be vaccinated if vaccinated people can access the same services?

What is their encouragement?

There is a way out of this crisis. Only one.


In Quebec, 70% less people are hospitalized if everyone is vaccinated. The health system is no longer destructive, our nurses and doctors can breathe and we can finally lift the instructions and target collective immunity.

Those who are not vaccinated are delaying us. As my friend Jonathan Trudeau said – our “children’s” life.

However, the opposite must be the case.

Those who are not vaccinated should be vaccinated to make life more difficult.

Done, Mansier Gentle!

Oh, I know, this is not good, this is not good!

But it’s true, folks.

Or we impose a compulsory vaccine on everyone.

Or we put the sticks in the rebel wheels and we take away some privileges.

For example, going to SAQ.

We should not give gifts to those who do their duty.

But legs for them.