July 5, 2022

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False message against non-vaccinators at St. Joseph’s St. Luke’s Hospital in Lyon

False message against non-vaccinators at St. Joseph's St. Luke's Hospital in Lyon

The Lyon Hospital Center has condemned the posting of an enemy message to vaccinated patients, calling on them not to take intensive care.

On Thursday, January 6, a negative poster for patients who had not been vaccinated against Kovid-19 was found in front of the St.-Joseph St.-Luke Hospital store in Lyon. At the source of this text is the hospital, which ordered that those who were not vaccinated should not take intensive care. The photo of the poster was posted on social media, causing confusion.

False communication

The poster is sober, serious at first glance. It targets those who have not been vaccinated and their request “In accordance with your beliefs, tell the reception team that you do not need intensive care in case of overload of emergency services”. Provocative message in the wake of tensions in emergency services, but false communication aimed at confusing the hospital situation on the matter.

The poster was withdrawn as soon as it was spotted by hospital center services, but it was time for its photograph to appear and be distributed on social networks. The hospital therefore communicated the denial to the author and recalled it“Because of its public service mission and its ethical commitment, the establishment takes care of all patients unconditionally”.

“It can come from anyone”

An internal investigation was launched to find out if the author was a hospital employee. “The poster is sticking out of the building, so it can come from anyone”, Inform the hospital communication department. “In addition, the poster does not take the usual charter of our communications “, Specifies a member of the service. It is therefore intended to sow contradictory action and confusion against those who have not been vaccinated.

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On Twitter, Internet users responded without delay, quickly understanding the poster as an official communication from the hospital center, while others provoked the intent to file a complaint. According to St. Joseph St. Luke’s Hospital, the conspiracy groups shared the photo. The rift between vaccinated and non-vaccinated against Kovid-19 was undoubtedly never pronounced.