December 9, 2023

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Rescued by soldiers in Chowder-Appalachs

Rescued by soldiers in Chowder-Appalachs

About twenty soldiers were deployed at the vaccination centers of Thetford Mines and Saint-Georges-de-Beuse.

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These are the reserves that came forward voluntarily to help.

“People help locally, in their community. It’s not really often. Then, it’s an opportunity to really help them, their neighbors, to help their world in their community, then they’re really proud of it, very happy to be there to help. Capt. Elaine Jean, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, said in an interview with ForceA TVA Nouvelles.

If they do not act as vaccinators, their support is invaluable. They assume the duties of service assistants and administrative agents in addition to cleaning and disinfecting.

A helping hand has been praised as the Chowder-Appalachians region has quadrupled its vaccine capacity in recent weeks. Help from the military so that allows us to keep up the pace.

“We left a few weeks ago, or we had 5,000 meetings a week. We could do 42,000 or 45,000 a week. So we need to understand that we need more people,” said Sebastian Pouliat, vaccine site coordinator.

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