June 30, 2022

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They are not licensed, OPC checks

They are not licensed, OPC checks

Consumer Protection Office (OPC) Currently checking the organizer Now the famous theft James William Awad, Chartered, Travel Agent Unlicensed, from Sunwing between Montreal and Cancun.

At the request of the federal government, Transport Canada has launched an investigation, while the Quebec government is also looking into the matter.

“Mr. James William Awad does not have a travel agent license,” he said OPC spokesman Charles Tangwe.

The agency took the situation very seriously.

Charles Tangway

Without a valid license, no one can conduct travel agent activities, take a travel agent title or give a reason for believing he is a travel agent, as stipulated by Article 4 of the Travel Agents Act.

According to Article 2 of this Act, any person, company or association, on behalf of others or its members, is a travel agent who makes reservations on rental or accommodation services, reservations on rental or transportation services or travel agency.

Remember that James William Awad, the head of Company 111 Private Club, rented the entire aircraft from the Sunwing Company to transport over a hundred passengers, including influencers. The company also took on the responsibility of managing the Mexico tour.

Mr Awad did not give any media interviews this week. Instead, he published a Official statement Thursday morning, in which he stated that he had rented a “private plane” [NDLR: c’était plutôt un avion nolisé de la compagnie Sunwing] To ensure the safety of everyone. The 28-year-old, despite the screams There is no excuse In its public exit for passenger behavior that is considered dangerous and rude.

On Thursday evening, James William Awad wrote on Twitter, “I will have a public press conference soon.” [s]On the building ”and all journalists are invited.

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Gym management is not allowed

In addition, Mr. Charles Tangwe said the three companies, of which Awad is a director, received infringement notices from the office last November. These are the three Astrofit gyms in Laval, Blaineville and Montreal-Nord.

“These notices state that he cannot operate a health studio without the permission required by law. Additional verifications will be performed. Based on the results of these certifications, steps can be taken to put an end to illegal activities or to file criminal proceedings, ”said Mr. Tangwe.

This is not the first time James William Awad has run a business without the necessary permits. In 2015, he a Be careful From Autorité des marchés Financiers (AMF) For illegal request.

Called to respond, Mr. The AMF declined to comment further on Awad’s current activities.

Those affected will lose their jobs

Influencers seen in the footage showing the flight violating several aviation and health regulations were shown the door by their employer.

AMF spokeswoman Sylvain Theberg confirmed that Frederick Dumas-Joel, one of the celebrants during the controversial flight, had been fired without mentioning the job she held.

Carl Bernard, another passenger who was a real estate broker for Sutton Quebec, was fired this week, Sutton Group Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Julie Gaucher said via email.

The illegal private party caused a third influencer to lose his job. In a private conversation between travelers, Noémie Chartier stated that she realized she no longer had a job on Facebook. Everything was exposed on the Instagram page Play.qc.