June 29, 2022

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Cooler Master CK351 Review: Optical-Mechanical Switches on the Most Solid Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master CK351 Review: Optical-Mechanical Switches on the Most Solid Gaming Keyboard

In this model, the cooler master does not integrate the usual mechanical switches, but has optical versions. The button is activated when the element of the switch goes from the front of the light beam, while the conventional mechanical switches are activated when two physical elements come into contact.

This distinction offers some advantages: in general, optical versions are (slightly) faster and more durable – here 100m activation is guaranteed, usually against 50ml -, and the keyboard does not need to be sold to the circuit board. Thanks to this, IP58 verification is possible and allows switching CK351 switches (Heat-interchangeable In English, as we often read).

Our test unit features red “homemade” linear switches with 4mm activation stroke, 1.8mm activation point and 40 force. g, Slightly faster than the mechanical version of the red switches (45 to 2 mm g) Being Heat-interchangeable, So we can change the amount or part of other types of switches offered by the manufacturer: blue Clicky Or Brown (which provides tactile feedback and a strong activation force at 55 g) If necessary, a key extractor is also included with the keyboard.

Typing is actually lighter and faster than regular red switches. This can be a problem for some regulars, especially in office use, but no problem is identified on a personal basis and the experience is very similar. In practice, typing is fast and accurate, but it is accompanied by a noticeable resonance of the keyboard, as we have seen in the manufacturer’s other CK models. The hollow frame and the aluminum plate are undoubtedly related to it. It is unfortunate that the anti-vibration foam is not integrated inside the cooler master, although it is generally reserved for high-end models (but not all …).

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