February 23, 2024

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CYCLOPS Athlete Qualifies for Gaming Six Invitational

CYCLOPS Athlete Qualifies for Gaming Six Invitational

Winner of the APAC Qualifying Tournament Grand Final with Invictus Gaming 3 to 0, CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming Six Invitational received its qualifying sesame in 2022.

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This weekend the first official sports law of the year 2022 on the Asia-Pacific qualifier for the Rainbow Six: Siege, the next Six Invitational, featuring the four best teams in the APAC area.

Since it was initially thought to be held on LAN, the meeting was somewhat upset as there was an online competition with the Knights and APR instead of Dire Wolves and Invictus, with the first team suffering the most due to health restrictions and the second failing to equalize the five who qualified in the allotted time. These setbacks did not prevent the tournament from taking place in a good and proper format and did not prevent teams from providing quality matches and a unique style of play to the still-attractive APAC.

At the end of the fierce clash, the Singaporeans from CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming to the Japanese and Invictus Gaming qualified for the Grand Final of the tournament. After a satisfying season in the North Division, the CYCLOPS are trying to qualify for their second consecutive Invitational, but the Invictus played last in their last chances to reach the Montreal Major, despite coming out of the Black Season despite numerous appearances internationally. Scene in recent months.

Credit: Ubisoft

HysteRiX and its partners failed to take advantage of the last opportunity presented to them, losing drastically at the hands of their Japanese rivals. In fact, Ayagator and his teammates were in this grand final and won 3 to 0 after mastering a game from A to Z.

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According to the latest announcements from Ubisoft, CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming has thus qualified for the Six Invitational 2022, which is finally scheduled to take place on February 8-20. She joins her three friends DAMWON, SANDBOX and Elevate from the APAC area to better represent her region and perform internationally.

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