July 4, 2022

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Bill 101 does not need to be extended to the CEGEP, Roberz said

Bill 101 does not need to be extended to the CEGEP, Roberz said

Education Minister Jean-Franకోois Roberz has said CEGEPs need not extend Bill 101 to protect the French language in Quebec.

“The solution is at the primary and secondary levels,” he said in an interview with our parliamentary office.

Consultations on the proposed version of the French Charter, led by Minister Simon Jolene-Barrett, revived discussions on the Anglicanization of Montreal and the newcomers.

The debate over whether it is possible to apply Law 101 to a college network is raging not only in the public sphere but also among CAQ forces. Yet according to Jean-Franకోois Roberz, who is part of a more nationalist section, “Law 96, as it is currently written, goes a long way”.

Because their children did not speak English well at the end of high school, many parents referred their children to English-speaking CEGEPs.

The Minister hoped that we could work towards improving the English level of youth, but that the “absolute” priority must be placed on strengthening students’ grasp of the French language.

This is an observation he made after more than three years in the power of the Ministry of Education, a very long rule for the position that most ministers usually follow each other during an order.

Jean-Franois Roberz also felt it was his good fortune to continue in this position for so long. The “big pieces” of the promised reforms came to light as a 4-year-old kindergarten, student protector or school board adaptation.

“We have done exactly what we were told we were going to do for the most part, and all the major commitments will also be fulfilled in education.

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The pandemic occupied a significant part of his tenure. Like the rest of society, children and adolescents cannot get out of this crisis safely. But keeping schools as open as possible will have a better outcome in the future.

“Yes, we need to invest in mental health in the years to come […] But I believe we can get faster and stronger than our neighbors, ”he said.

Like any politician, Jean-Franois Roberz, who is running as a candidate in the coming elections, is careful not to say whether he wants to continue the ministry of education one more time.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

“I will go where the Prime Minister sends me. ”

What he said

On his legacy Minister of Education

“Beautiful schools […] The new schools amazed the Quebecans with their beauty and functionality. I’m talked to so many architectural and engineering companies, I’m so proud of the plans and specifications, and again some time ago, I’m looking at plans for the next school, all of which go into my office. ”

On the impact of the epidemic On young Quebecars

“I think we can overcome it faster than our neighbors. I think the government and society in general, especially the school network, have done better than our neighbors. “

On sovereignty

“I do not think this idea is old, no, I think it is legitimate to discuss it as any idea related to any policy or proposal. […] But it is no longer up to the majority of Cubans to decide how they will vote. “

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