July 5, 2022

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Insulin, a lifelong companion for diabetics for over 100 years

De la seringue à la pompe, les technologies pour injecter l'insuline ne cessent d'évoluer

Paul Barrad is 35 years old. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 14 years ago. He is an insulin dependent. “Insulin is a secretion of the pancreas that is used to supply cells with carbohydrates. For some reason I did not recognize, _My pancreas is not making insulin now_. It’s addictive with the synthetic insulin I administer with the pump. One hundred years ago, it was pig insulin, which was a little primitive, but at least we were not dead anymore. Now we are treated and we can get a really good life“Michelle Delenne is 79 years old. This Alesian volunteer from the French Association of Diabetes was diagnosed 39 years ago.”Insulin has become a lifelong companion He he said. I am very grateful to the Canadians who discovered this insulin 100 years ago, for the labs that made it. This is a great relief. ”

Significant technological progress

Michelle recalls her first insulin pump. “I wore one at the beginning of my diabetes. This is a huge north pump. It was big, we carried it under our arms like a holster and we had a small screwdriver to send the insulin. Today, All you have to do is press a button or remote control to get your injection. Technology has made our lives so much easier.“Paul Barrad also had a pump for a few years. He was followed at Nimes University Hospital, where he was one of the patients who would benefit from the newest pump next spring.” Today, I still tell the machine, I need a lot of insulin at every meal. There, the machine almost does its own thing. I have to make sure everything works and trust him. Takes a few days to learn.

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“The best doctor for a diabetic is a diabetic”

For Paul and Michelle, taming the disease is a very important thing for diabetics. “It took me five years, Says Paul. This is a very long road. “ Michelle adds. The most important thing, according to him, is to talk to other patients to understand. “It’s exciting for them because when you find out you have diabetes, especially type 1, you fall from the top. It’s reassuring to see people with diabetes who seem to be living “normally” for years. We have a different, more down-to-earth approach to diabetes. And most of all, the best doctor of diabetes is the diabetic through his personal and personal care.