July 5, 2022

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Invictus Gaming totally for this new season in LPL

Invictus Gaming totally for this new season in LPL

The 2021 season ended with a major setback due to not qualifying for the LPL Summer Split Playoffs and Invictus Gaming had to face a lot of exits during the transfer window. Now is the time for the former world champion to unveil his new lineup for LPL 2022.

Invictus Gaming is betting on young players this year

The 2021 season and more specifically disaster for the Summer Split Invictus Gaming Squad. For the first time in 7 years, since 2014, the team has failed to qualify for the LPL League Playoffs, failing to qualify for the 2021 League of Legends Worlds. This iconic team that won the 2018 Worlds in particular and is one of the most legendary in the Chinese scene, especially having a very complex summer season in terms of manpower. Due to COVID-19 health measures, team top planner TheShy was unable to return to his teammates for the start of the summer split; The team lost a few games during TheShy’s absence and on their return they were unable to raise the level of holding, despite some good wins. With the end of the eighth week of the championship came Coupe de Grace, the defeat was too much for the IGs who recorded one of the worst results in the history of the structure.

Invictus Gaming last failed to qualify for the LPL Playoffs in the Summer Split of the 2014 season; At that time the team consisting of Yongsoo, Do, illuSioN, Zz1tai, Kid and Kitties finished 6th in the regular season. A few weeks later, this poor performance led to a major change in team composition, especially when KaKAO was hired as coach in the jungle, Rookie in the middle lane, MaFa and PoohManDu. This important Under Performance team is in danger of ending a cycle in this Summer Split 2021, which has been losing ground for several seasons. Some of the emblematic players in this formation, such as Rookie, who has been under contract since 2014, or TheShy, who has been under contract since 2017, have used this transfer window to initiate career change and find a new team for the next competitive season.

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Invictus Gaming has been very discreet for several weeks in the final transfer window, however, ensuring several exits in its workforce. Along with TheShy and Rookie, IG has been clearing the lineup for the past few days thanks to Ding “Puff” Wang (recruited by TT Gaming), Wu “Snow” Hao-shun, Su “Southwind.” Zhi-Lin, Zhang “UK” Yui- Kai and Zhang “Wink” Rui; The Chinese team also made some changes to their coaching staff, thanks to head coach Nofe and coach Along, and appointed former rear atom team Xu “Long” Xiao-Long and Liu “Liat” Zheng-Yang as head coach and coach respectively. .

Invictus Gaming, who will be taking part in the 2022 season of the League of Legends Pro League, is now about to unveil his team’s final list. The Chinese structure has welcomed six new recruits to this new season’s competition, so three of IG’s young academic team members trained, top planner Zhao “Neni” Xi-hao, midfielder Liu “Xzz” Xu and boatman Luo “xiaoyueji” Shi-hao; Zhang “K” K of Invictus Gaming Royal Club completed its lineup with “Ahn” Shaun-ye of RA Period and Zhang “K” K of TES Challenger. For most of them, it was their first start in the LPL and their experience at the highest level in the Chinese league.