June 26, 2022

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Roger Milla: “I apologize”

Roger Milla: "I apologize"

His words stirred a stir. Cameroonian football legend Roger Milla apologized today.

Morocco or Egypt … always the Maghreb people! They are here, they are with us, we accept them (…)“These words are not comprehensive, as Roger Milla said in an interview a few days ago and, frankly, they have created tremendous controversy and created a very bad campaign without Cameroon, which is already plagued by numerous criticisms. Surround the African Cup of Nations it hosts.

The former Indomitable Lions striker clarified his comments, recalling that he was responding to a question from a reporter who explained that Morocco and Egypt (but also Burkina Faso) had voted in favor of the CAN2022 postponement. Reality postponed to CAN 2021 2022): “Moroccans and Moroccans are my sisters and brothers. We must not forget that I am in Morocco very often. I did not expect conflicts to come, I did not. I just said that we are all African countries and if one country maintains the CAN, Morocco should support it. That’s all. I want to apologize if people misunderstand. Under no circumstances can I criticize an African country.


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