July 5, 2022

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This is a terribly new feature of the Omicron variant

This is a terribly new feature of the Omicron variant

Currently, May be waiting for someone else, Which is the majority Omicron variant in France and many other countries. This Sunday is January 9th, that is Nearly 300,000 new people Contaminated by Covid-19 in France, Most of these are by omicron.

Contaminated “Scared”

Although this mutation appears to lead to less severe forms and less hospitalization, it spreads very quickly and presents with embarrassing symptoms such as cough, fever, headache or night sweats. Among them, the new one just discovered : Sleep paralysis.

Many patients with Omicron infection worldwide have sleep paralysis. And many patients, especially in Great Britain, say they have “Scared” By this feature. And we understood them. Because what is sleep paralysis?

What is sleep paralysis?

It is a very annoying sleep disorder, although it can be mild and have real consequences for the body. “A person with sleep paralysis seems to be awake, She tries to wake up from sleep but is unable to. As if paralyzed, she is unable to move her body, but is well aware of the environment around her., The site explains passportsant√©.net.

Then dangerous, but scary. What is the reason for this? Inspired by some experts The stress generated by this epidemic period, Marked by limitations and great changes in daily life. “Viral Infection Affects Sleep Control in the Brain”, Explained Dr. Kat Lederley Daily Mail. Feature to follow …

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