July 5, 2022

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District ends April 31

District ends April 31

End of investigations by District 31 Policy. Radio-Canada and Etios Productions announced on Tuesday that the series would end with 720 broadcasts.E Episode Next April 21st.

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Updated at 2:36 p.m.

Vronique Larocque

Vronique Larocque

In a message posted on social networks, Luke Dion, the screenwriter for the biggest television success in recent years, told the show crew about the news on Tuesday morning. He said the decision was made after “much thought and consultation” with producers Fabien Loro and Michelle Trudeau.

“Writing daily for six years makes it tiring. It is physically exhausting. It’s complicated. This can take a long time. We do not have much free time. I think it’s time to face the new challenges, ”said the author.

“Because I submit myself to this demanding discipline, I know how writing daily drama monopolizes our entire existence. Thanks to Michelle and I dedicating 6 years of her life to Luke, his talent and his in-depth knowledge of the police and the judiciary were used to weave endlessly fascinating intrigues. We would also like to thank all these actors and actresses and the entire team who started this obstacle course week after week wonderfully. ప్రకటించారు Announced in a press release by producer Fabien Loro.

“A love story that takes place between people and the universe District 31 He found an important chapter in Quebec Television, referring to Danny Meloil, General Manager, Television de Radio-Canada, for his part. It has helped to make ICI TÉLÉ a preferred destination for evening viewers from 2018-2019 ”.

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Fans District 31 They can comfort themselves by saying that there are still 59 episodes before the end. “We still have some surprises for you,” Luke Dion promised.

Radio-Canada also announced that the author is currently working on a new 24-episode TV series. DPCP. Details about this new product will be announced soon.