July 6, 2022

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Influencer party by plane: An Awad mediator partially blames Sunwing

Influencer party by plane: An Awad mediator partially blames Sunwing

While Sunwing was not clear enough about the rules applicable to the popular festive flight between Montreal and Cancun, James William Awad argued that the aircraft was a rental broker.

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“We do not have the documents to state that the rules of international civil aviation apply to this aircraft. […] So we could not deliver it to our client. ” Journal, A business aviation broker who assisted Mr. Awadh in booking the Sunwing Boeing 737, on anonymous terms.

“Generally, the same rules apply to commercial aircraft and private aircraft,” the broker agreed, but in the case of the group chartering the aircraft, it is not uncommon for the owner of the device to “give a little too much. Latitude” to its customers.

“Putting music on a plane is a very common thing,” he explains. We can do it if the captain approves. “

However, the broker believes that personal alcohol consumption and vaping should not be allowed under any scrutiny. According to him, sunwiring staff should intervene to end these violations quickly.

So far, in this case, Sunwing has been limited to repeating that “a group of passengers on a private charter flight behaved in a riotous manner without respecting aviation and public health regulations.”

Ready to bring back the enjoyers

For its part, the Quebec company Chrono Aviation, which established the relationship between the broker and Sunwing, says it is ready to bring home the passengers of the insane plane that will not return yet.

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“They are not leaving the Canadian nationals they have taken in Mexico for three more months,” said Danny Gagnon, vice president of Chrono.

“If a special mission needs to be done, at their expense, and the government ‘OK, we’ll bring you back, but here are the conditions: nothing, alcohol, and you sit down” … but knowing what the group did I did it on charter‌ [à l’aller], Of course I do not do that with flight attendants on board. It takes the police force from me. “