December 1, 2023

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Invictus Gaming presents its new list for 2022

Invictus Gaming presents its new list for 2022

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Chinese architecture announced a large number of recruits, mainly young people who had been promoted from the academy or from other academic groups.

Rookie in new ninjas in pajamas and new Weibo with TheShy exit in Invictus Gaming The new season will be renewed as 2022 approaches. Eventually, almost the entire roster from the previous season was released and one So the new lineup was announced League of Legends of Construction to close the transfer window LPL. Most players were tested during the Demasia Cup, a Received the semi-final The winner is against TES.

So it looks like the leaders have found a new composition for the season and once again showcasing a very substantial workforce with almost doubling positions. We mainly need to find a top planner in Rift Mother, Who is taking advantage of TheShy’s exit to be promoted to holder this year, The Jungler XUN, Also kept, but a former RNG and Royal Club newcomer to the Middlelane UAE. He will be associated with another recruit, Xzz, promoted from iG Young Academy.

On the boat lane, along with support Lucas It’s saved, we’ll find another support, K. (Ex-TES Challenger) and ADCs xiaoyueji (Ex-iG Young) et Ahn (Former-rare atom). Especially the young team and it has some good talent in it. The team hopes to bounce back after 2021 without a big win in regional competition, and a Lack of new from the worlds.

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