June 3, 2023

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Beautiful bullshit by Novak Djokovic

Beautiful bullshit by Novak Djokovic

How frustrating it is to behave like a sports icon, a great champion, an irresponsible and arrogant idiot! This is the tragic movie that came back to us when tennis player Novak Djokovic landed in Australia.

An athlete who has not been vaccinated during this epidemic really has no business in another country. When visiting a country, you should always follow local laws and regulations. This is even more true when it comes to health and when we face an epidemic that has claimed thousands of lives.

Djokovic’s attitude is hostile in many ways. First, from his elite tennis level, we think he’s all right on his side. He takes the outrageous form of a man being arrested by the police and does not even understand what is going on.

However, he is well aware that his business as a whole will stumble a lot. After all, beyond the law, his attitude towards other citizens makes me stink to the highest level. But his attitude of not understanding what is happening makes me even more upset.

To stand and sleep

Nothing stands out in its history. First, making him appear to be exempt from vaccination because he was infected with COVID-19 in December did not answer the original question. At best, it gives him exclusive access to the Australian border. But the Australian Open leaders are clear: participating players need to be vaccinated.

Moreover, his entire description of the vaccine does not contain water. He declined to comment publicly on whether he was vaccinated to avoid contact with one of the groups, pro-vaccines and anti-vaccines.

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Beautiful bullshit. There are no two groups. When a virus attacks, medical research can develop a vaccine to protect the population. So the authorities want people to be vaccinated. Those who were vaccinated were not a militant group. They make a clever gesture that is scientifically explained to them and presented rationally. Those who reject and defend themselves are “anti” militants.

We fully understand the blatant lie told by friend Novak. He rejected the vaccine, but found the porridge as an explanation to avoid the stigma associated with conspirators or all the vague theories that lead to vaccine fears.


Obviously, lying on such a large scale is a big deal. The threads end in a knot. The same thing happened to the famous tennis player. To prevent him from being deported from Australia, his lawyers set a date of 16th, stating that he had contracted Kovid last December.

It did not take long for photos of Djokovic … with Kovid … on December 17 to appear at a public event he was attending without even a mask. The most important person is the one he can swear at other people.