December 1, 2023

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“Love is in the Meadow”: Lots of twists and turns for the 10th season

"Love is in the Meadow": Lots of twists and turns for the 10th season

The 10E Season of Love is in the grass, The twists that begin this Thursday are unique in Novo’s broadcast waves.

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Reality TV content producer Martin Mativier made the point during a roundtable discussion with the media on Wednesday.

He said all the couples formed during the filming, which began in August, “lived through a crucial holiday season, usually a time when couples were solidifying or breaking up”.

Unlike last season, when reconciliations were limited to quarterly time and 15 minutes, this year, farmers were able to take advantage of the pre-omicran era to have unlimited reconciliations, while at the same time respecting sanitation measures, Martin Metvier added.

In November, couples were able to travel to Mexico at the end of the season, with the added bonus of three couples who were unable to travel outside the country due to the epidemic last year. Quebec.

Doubtful love stories

This year, the great questioning of doubts and farmers will feed a lot of love stories, leaving room for all the scenes at the narrative framework level, “sometimes even heartbreaking”, handing over the content to the producer.

“For some, the love story takes shape too quickly, for others it is more reflective and for others they wait until the last second before deciding on a contestant. [avec qui ils iront au voyage final]”, He added.

“When I look at the cards on paper, I’m betting on my head, and honestly this year, nothing like that has happened,” said host Catherine. Lewak said.

The comedian, who gave birth to his twins during the season, will not shy away from his joy of watching reality TV. According to her, the great strength of the show is that it allows farmers to be masters in their selection activities to their advantage.

“It’s not like they’re always doing TV,” she said, recalling the great diversity that exists between farmers.

“Joe, who owns an ancestral farm, is interesting at talking and showing it, going to his place and watching his practices. It’s also fun to go to Marika with her mother and her girlfriends to talk almost behind the guys, ”said Franco-Ontario host Denis, a 53-year-old field crop producer. Casselman, Ontario.

Luca, 24, a gay dairy farmer from Chowder-Appalachs, has nothing special to say about the existence.

From the farm to Instagram

Former participants Love is in the grass After appearing on the show, they increased their presence on social networks to explain their reality. Host welcomed initiative.

“I understand this is part of the game for people coming out Big brother OrFrom, But very few do “stories” to explain how to put milk. For me, there is still a difference in their approach and the values ​​they uphold, ”she said.

The primary purpose of the show was not to create couples and create public figures, which the production said existed to support participants and raise awareness about their public image.

The book, which includes testimonials, beliefs and letters from the cast, will be released on Newsstand on February 9. This work was published by Editions Anti-Pratics.

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Love is in the grass, Which has given birth to 27 children and 15 couples, begins this Thursday at 8 a.m. in Novo.

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