July 5, 2022

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Return of the Nordics: Quebec receives a virtual meeting with the NHL on Thursday.

Return of the Nordics: Quebec receives a virtual meeting with the NHL on Thursday.

QUÉBEC | A scheduled meeting between Finance Minister Eric Girard and NHL Commissioner Gary Betman to talk about the possibility of a Nordic return to Quebec is actually taking place this morning.

The information was first reported by Le Devoir and later confirmed Journal, By the NHL and by a member of the Cabinet.

“We look forward to this meeting and we’re excited to hear from you,” Assistant Commissioner Bill Dolly replied via email when asked to state his expectations.

The Parliamentary Bureau at the same time confirmed that Betman and his right-hand man, Dolly, would represent the NHL. Girard and his deputy, Pierre Cote, will speak on behalf of Quebec.

His cabinet has asked whether the so-called “Minister of the Nordics” will make himself available after a meeting with the Bonzes of the National Hockey League to express his views. Journal “It’s not planned at the moment,” he said.

The Nordics left for Colorado in May 1995 and the government wants to convince circuit leaders that the Quebec economy is stronger than ever.

Not in New York

During the summer, Mr. Prime Minister Legalt ordered Girard to work on the file.

The information spread in November and opposition parties quickly denounced what they see as a diversionary method, thereby making the government less harassing in managing the epidemic.

Initially, the meeting was to be held in NHL offices in New York, but the COVID-19 plans were thwarted. The spread of the Omicron variant chilled the participants.

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Bettman promises nothing

Betman addressed a meeting of NHL governors in Palm Beach, Florida, in December.

“I do not know what to expect [du gouvernement] And hence the meeting. Do not try to reduce anything. After the meeting, I will be happy to tell you what happened or did not happen, ”he said.

In keeping with his habits, he took care not to re-ignite the flame of those eager to return to the Nordics.

“The problem is still there. Do we have a team that wants to move? This situation does not currently exist. Do we want to do another expansion? As we speak, we do not have that desire. I’m going to this meeting and I’m glad to hear what the Quebec government has to say to me, ”he explained.

– In collaboration with Mark-Andre Gagnon