July 5, 2022

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Trapped in “Partygate” Boris Johnson is fighting for his political survival

Trapped in "Partygate" Boris Johnson is fighting for his political survival

Boris Johnson, who has been targeted with calls to resign even in his majority, is fighting to become head of the British government after his majority for his presence in a party in Downing Street in complete detention in 2020.

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The 57-year-old Tory leader, who is already embroiled in several other scandals, apologized to parliament on Wednesday for attending a party on May 20, 2020 at his official residence, Gardens, saying he thought it was a business meeting. .

The incident, in which his secretary sent out an invitation to nearly 100 people with instructions to bring their bottles, came at a tragic time for Britain. In the middle of the first wave of Kovid-19, only two people were allowed to stay outside and many Britons were unable to say goodbye to their dying loved ones.

Immediately, Labor-led opposition parties accused him of lying and demanded his resignation, but his government members overwhelmingly supported him on Twitter or in the media.

However, the issue is not unanimous in the ranks of the Conservatives, who until recently praised Boris Johnson’s seductive ability, with his promise to achieve Brexit, as leading factions in northern England had previously won over Labor.

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Heavyweight in the executive, who has been identified as a potential candidate for the PM’s job, has been widely commented on for the terrible support given to him by Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

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On his way to Devon (southwest of England) he met with the wrath of government deputies, and Mr. Sunak took eight hours to get in his back row, in which he emphasized his own commitment to the job. UK.

“I support the Prime Minister’s request to apologize and to be patient,” he said.

Next week is expected to be the best, with the results of this internal investigation now promising to be decisive for Boris Johnson’s fate.

London police, who scoffed for the line they were following not to investigate Kovid violations after the fact, announced Thursday evening that they would reconsider their approach if any potential criminal offenses were found in the internal investigation.

The rebellion was also a sign of the crackdown on the unity of the ruling party, which was felt by the Scottish Conservatives, who felt they could not justify his position, and the Tory deputies in Westminster.

Like Roger Gayle, who was “living dead” by Boris Johnson, some elected officials have openly stated that they are in favor of a no-confidence motion to push the Conservative Party toward exit.

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“The position of the Prime Minister is not justified and I do not think the conclusions of an official should determine his future,” said William Vrog, another MP, who was the chairman of the powerful “Committee 1922”, Parliamentary responsible. Organization of training. “It is up to the Conservative Party, not the Prime Minister, to make this decision,” he told the BBC.

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The scandal comes amid allegations of corruption and partisanship along with other revelations about organized parties in the ruling elites during the last two years of detention.

Boris Johnson, who came to power with a victory in July 2019, has seen his long-term popularity plummet in the election. One that Yugov designed for the Times before his apology gave Labor a wide ten-point lead, the first in almost a decade.

On Thursday, the head of government escaped from the media with cameras and questions: In the Kovid contact case, he canceled a planned visit to the vaccination center.