July 5, 2022

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Julie Perrolt distances herself from “reasonable doubt” from her colleague’s anti-police publication

Julie Perrolt distances herself from "reasonable doubt" from her colleague's anti-police publication

Julie Perrolt insisted on separating herself from the anti-police publication published by her fellow actress a few days ago Reasonable doubt. Says the actress Journal She liked the photo of Nadia Essadi without knowing what the ACAB letters mean (All cops are bastards) And believed that this was just a promotional post for the series.

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“I’m irresponsible for not looking right and I’m ignorant of what this word means,” explains self-proclaimed Julie Perrolt. Newspaper By telephone. This is really true. ⁇

The actress, who says she is not very active on social networks, was caught in a whirlwind after the controversial publication of her colleague dressed as a policewoman in the series. Reasonable doubt. Julie Perrolt, who was clearly influenced by the news, explained to Nadia Essadi that she in no way accepted the hostile reference to the police.

Before the post was removed with a reference to ACAB on his Instagram labronze_.

Screenshot, Instagram labronze_

Before the post was removed with a reference to ACAB on his Instagram labronze_.

“I’m defended the police officers throughout my career, which is the profession I respect the most, she adds.

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The actress, who starred as the Star Investigator in the series that aired on Radio-Canada, worked with researchers to improve her character. “I do not want these people to think that they are lying to me at any time,” she said.

She claimed to have done her duty by phoning those responsible to tell her where she was in the story. “I had to respond to some people who asked me for explanations,” she said. I confess to the guilt of not knowing that word, which proves that I am a responsible citizen, that I have not performed perfectly on anyone, and that I am not exactly opposed to this profession that I have advocated on screen for so many years. ⁇

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The actress added that if she is not responsible for the actions of her colleagues, she wants to be responsible for herself, especially the character and the series she supports.

“My responsibility, my duty as a citizen and my responsibility to my employers,” she explains. I have always been very respectful and able to have harmonious, authentic and honest relationships while practicing this profession. ⁇