July 5, 2022

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Lockpicking ”, a virtual museum dedicated to the art of lockpicking

Lockpicking ”, a virtual museum dedicated to the art of lockpicking

Thanks for the series of games like The Elder Scrolls And Fall, Which has become one of the most popular springs of video games. Virtual lock picking is now mandatory, depending on the game, in the form of more or less inspired puzzles, where to open the chest, you need to open the double-locked door.

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To pay tribute to these mechanic, independent studio dim bulb games, Already in charge of the game Water tastes like wine, Dedicated to him a virtual museum, baptism Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking. Twenty different systems are displayed in one interactive gallery, used in many popular games, showing the diversity of choices made by developers when displaying the delicate art of door opening.

There are lighting issues in the virtual museum.

Released on Thursday, January 13 on the Steam platform (PC, Mac and Linux), this “game” is, above all, an opportunity to re-enter the brief history of video games.

We wander in a very crude 3D environment where we can go from one exhibition to another and click on the detailed panel or lock to try our hand at the relevant lock picking mini-game. The mechanics of each title are reproduced, played and accompanied by analytical notes written in English each time.

The first two Fall, For example, strongly inspired by traditional role-playing games and based on virtual dice rolls, with which, to solve a given situation, you will need to score more or less depending on the character skills. In the Museum section dedicated to these games of the 1990s, you need to open the associated padlock to select your agility and comprehension scores before clicking on the “Roll” button (“Throw the Dice”): this will determine the chances of success in math and chance.

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A small piece of history

Transition from series to 3D (from Fall 3) Made opening the door for interactive actions an excuse, during which the player must gently simulate the movement of a picking kit inside the lock with his mouse. A system
Bethesda Game Studios, Developer Fall 3, Also re-enabled The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, His most famous fantasy role-playing game.

Other popular games are suggested: we will find an example Gothic, A role-playing game released in 2001, requires players to open doors by entering key combinations in the correct order. There are also more unexpected games like King’s heir: Rises to the throne, A game for consoles and smartphones released in 2018, where the lock picking is done by puzzle, which is very compatible with mobile.

The type of puzzles proposes for «రాజు వారసుడు: సింహాసనానికి ఎదుగు

Dedicated on the Steam Store page Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking, Dim Bulb Games Studio explains that this project is intended for developers who can explore the evolution of the game mechanic. And created. The studio has announced that it wants to recreate the experience by creating other virtual museums dedicated to video game mechanics.