July 6, 2022

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Sanitary measures: Amalga collects criminal charges

Sanitary measures: Amalga collects criminal charges

The charges against conspirator Franకోois Amelia Bitondo are mounting and he received two more today, despite swearing never to pay his fines.

“Paying is not an option … imprisonment is ideal, otherwise I can do compensatory work to teach children in school. For that, I volunteer, ”said Anti-Mask Journal, In front of the Montreal Courthouse today.

The 43-year-old Amalek wants to ‘challenge’ two $ 1,500 fines in January 2021 for violating the curfew. He was unable to enter the building unless he refused to wear a face mask and was in poor health.

Does not cooperate

“The court has already proceeded with the defendants through the teams’ platform, as explained by Justice of the Peace Pierre-David Sayre. He knew he could ask for such a show, but he refused to come.”

The trial was therefore conducted without a conspirator, but with a police officer who testified about the arrest of Amalega Bitondo on January 9, 2021, during a demonstration against the curfew that came into force that evening. .

“He did not cooperate, he did not want to identify himself, he was lying on the floor,” the officer explained.

Bitondo as Francois Amalega

Photo de Archives, agency QMI

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The 12-minute trial ended with the conspirator being ordered to pay a $ 1,000 fine and approximately $ 500 costs. A few hours later, he was sentenced again, this time on January 17, 2021, for violating the curfew.

Since the outbreak, Amalega has collected more than $ 60,000 in traffic tickets. All of his challenges failed, so much so that eight people were punished for sticking to him Public Health Act.

And if he still does not pay anything, in one file, the consequences are coming because he has exceeded the 90 day deadline to get his checkbook.

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It was a fine for failing to comply with the curfew, but most importantly Amalega Bitondo himself went to the police station and asked to be put in jail. Instead, the police fined him.

The court document reads, “The defendant agreed to walk home.”

If Bitondo refuses to pay, the collector of fines may give her a chance to “return”. He may also be asked to work for compensation or go to jail as a last resort.