March 21, 2023

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Jamel Belmadi was directly in his shoes

Jamel Belmadi was directly in his shoes

The coach of the Algerian football team was at a press conference this Saturday, January 15, on the occasion. The second game In the CAN 2021 group stage against Equatorial Guinea.

Jamel Belmadi Looking forward to being told about the disappointing draw in the first match against Sierra Leone on Tuesday 11 January (0-0).

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The Greens have not lost in 35 games and he does not appear in front of the press every week after a poor performance.

Hot, shortly after the match, Belmadi appeared Very upset By result. This Saturday, he was more relaxed and did not lose his confidence. He stayed straight in his shoes.

Based on his answers, he seems to be leaning towards the rest of the competition, always keeping in mind his goal of retaining the African title he won in Egypt in 2019.

It starts with Sunday’s match against Equatorial Guinea, a team that showed great things despite their slight defeat (0-1) in the first game against C డిte d’Ivoire.

But before addressing this second outing of the Greens, as the Algerian coach had expected, Riyad Mahrez answered a number of questions about his failed entry into the team’s running.

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“We know it’s important to start with success. Overall, we had a good game, but we could not score. We need to be more efficient and correct mistakes before we can try.

Djamel Belmadi then put the result in perspective, comparing it to other favorites who won with low scores and not to mention the pitch, heat and humidity, remembering that there were no more “small teams”. . He also cited the attacking statistics of the Algerian national team during the first game, which were better than all the other favorites.

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“I like this stress”

Belmadi almost welcomed the fact that the draw was taken for “a failure”. “It’s a good thing, we can imagine this situation,” he said. Also, “it’s not a draw that disturbs us,” he said.

Regarding the pressure, he repeated what he said during the first match, “It’s positive pressure.” “I like this pressure. Without stress, the game of football is meaningless. This is our first match, you know our goal so we faced this pressure. We want to start with success, we can not do it, but the ultimate goal, you know, ”the national coach recalled.

Our state of mind ? Looking forward to victory in this second match as well, he assured that it will be as difficult as the first match. As always, Belmadi said he followed the opponent well and studied his game.

His conclusion was that Equatorial Guinea should be treated as seriously as all rivals. “We learned lessons from the match against C డిte d’Ivoire. To be honest, it’s not surprising, we almost studied his World Cup qualifying campaign. She caused problems for Tunisia. She has the ability to score. Most of its players were born and raised in Spain, which should be taken into account, ”he develops.

In short, he warns that this is “another adversary with a desire to overthrow us.”