March 20, 2023

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Movie: Director Jean-Jacques Phoenix dies at 75

Movie: Director Jean-Jacques Phoenix dies at 75



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Director Jean-Jacques Phoenix died of a long illness on Thursday, January 13, at the age of 75. He made his mark on French cinema with films such as “37.2 Le Matin”, “Diva” and “La Loon Dance Le Guerre”.

Jean-Jacques Phoenix died on the evening of Thursday, January 13th. He is 75 years old. He will forever stand out as the filmmaker who made a movie star named Beatrice Dolly a complete stranger. Adapted from a novel by Philip Zion, 37.2 am Is one of the greatest achievements of French cinema. Jean-Jacques Phoenix’s first film with Richard Boringer, 1980 Diva, Has already created a sensation. Binex wanted to make a blue film like the first Picasso. He won four Caesars, but some serious critics denounced the inferior beauty.

In 1983, The moon in the gutter, Along with Gérard Depardieu, will also be whistling in Cannes (Alps-Maritimes). Fashion Binex The director can never recover from this failure. Roslin and The Lions And also IP5: pachyderm island, The latest film from Yves Montand, could not find their audience. After 2001, Jean-Jacques Phoenix Turning to other interests: Painting, and documentaries. Beatrice Dolly, her Betty 37.2, told herself the day after she died. Orphan. “One of the most beautiful pages in my life has just changed. I love you “, She shared on social media.

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