May 26, 2022

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Trump opponents expect a strong comeback in the Republican Party

Trump opponents expect a strong comeback in the Republican Party

For example, Mike Rounds, a junior senator from South Dakota, recently dared to confirm that the election was actually fair. Instead of expelling him, he was hailed by fellow Republicans, including his party Senate leader Mitch McConnell.

Mr. Rounds also added that his party should do Insist more strongly About the truth about the 2020 election.

Behind the scenes in the US capital, Republican leaders are trying to persuade one of the most serious opponents of the Governor of Maryland, Donald Trump, Larry Hogan to test his luck in the Senate.

On Saturday, Glenn Youngkin became the first Republican to officially become governor of Virginia since 2010. He tried to distance his campaign from the former president as much as possible.

However, two months before the start of the primary season for the by-elections, Mr. Trump remains the most popular figure in the Republican Party. But it is possible to predict the question that the recent developments will animate the formation of the year: will the candidates choose themselves with the former president and his common lies?

The support of many senators for Mr. Rounds has been very encouraging to me., Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, was one of the few Republicans who sought to distance the party from Mr. Trump and his election obsessions.

No evidence has been submitted to show that the victory was stolen from Donald Trump. Both the election leaders and his own attorney general rejected the idea. Courts headed by judges appointed by him also rejected these claims.

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Accept his lies to get his support

However, dissidents to the Donald Trump series are still very rare Grand Old Party. From Ohio to Georgia to Arizona, candidates from various high offices have embraced his lies because they want to get his support or avoid the wrath of his supporters.

If getting closer to Donald Trump can help Republican candidates in the short term, what will be the consequences of the fall? Some fear it could hurt the party’s chances in the November elections, especially in the suburbs. The more right the Republicans are, the more their Democratic opponents describe them as extremists.

It could give them less time to attack current President Joe Biden, put in a vulnerable position by the wave of runaway inflation and the current coronavirus.

It was basically one of the most popular subjects and was not popular during the general election., Points out Chris Diros, a Republican lawyer from Arizona.

He says a large number of candidates privately agree that the 2020 presidential election was fair, but that they would like to entice Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has the most support in the party. His support during the Republican primary makes a difference.

A quote from Chris Diros, Republican lawyer from Arizona

John Schumacher, a former Republican-elected official from Illinois, says it’s easier to get judgment when you’re next door.

All of these races take place under the supervision of Trump and Fox. These candidates are very, very careful. They must win the primary before they can win the general election.

Another challenge for Republicans: persuading Donald Trump supporters to run again in the election process.

An extraordinary effect

Many Republicans blamed the double defeat in the second round of the Senate election in Georgia in January 2021. Trump continues to be blamed. According to them, his false allegations persuaded a section of voters to stay away from the ballot.

Trump still has an extraordinary tone and influence. Many candidates fear his wrath, said Charlie Dent, a Republican elected to the House of Representatives and a former presidential opponent. We know that Donald Trump will use his voice to condemn those who do not accept his lies about the 2020 election. These candidates are in a vice: they can tell the truth, risk their primary defeat and incur the wrath of Trump, otherwise they will repeat lies, risking alienating a large number of voters.

No matter what happens in Georgia, Mr. Diros is not worried about attending.

He said the Republican base was very enthusiastic. The conditions in this country are worse.

He also estimated the voter turnout as high as in 2010, when Republicans won historic victories in the House of Representatives. Inflation and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will persuade Joe Biden and the Democrats to deliver a tough defeat, Mr Diros adds.