May 18, 2022

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Agreement between MMFA and Nathalie Bondil

Agreement between MMFA and Nathalie Bondil

A harmonious agreement between the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and its former Director General and Chief Curator Nathalie Bondil, who sued the chairman of the Museum’s Board of Directors in 2020 – the contents have not been disclosed. , Michel de la Chenelière, as well as 21 members of the CA, sued for 1 million moral damages and 1 million punitive damages.

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Eric Clement

Eric Clement

Nathalie Bondil, who was fired by MMFA’s Board of Directors on July 14, 2020, asked the 22 administrators of the museum to “order her to pay compensation for illegally and deliberately attacking her fundamental rights in order to protect her honor, her dignity and her reputation.”

In her lawsuit, the former director of the museum stated that the organizers “deliberately orchestrated, led and continued to lead the campaign of smearing and destruction”. [sa] Fame for the sole purpose of hiding the real cause that led them [la] Removal, i.e. refusal to publicly approve the illegal process that led to the appointment of the MMFA Director of Conservation [Mary-Dailey Desmarais] .

Since then, attorneys MMe Bondil and MMFA board members are in talks to avoid a lawsuit. On Friday, MMFA announced in a press release “the agreement between Ms. Nathalie Bondil and members of the Board of Directors and former members of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.” There are several explanations in the press release.

“In the autumn of 2019, serious allegations of deteriorating working environment were seized. The Board of Directors of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts withdrew the services of an independent and specialized agency to analyze the situation. This is not a personal goal and, like the museum’s CA, needs to be addressed. ”

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The press release reads: “Although Ms. Bondil’s disagreement with the management of this situation was not questioned, the museum board did not question her professionalism and her deep and honest commitment to the museum. The Museum Board stated that they have worked tirelessly.

MMFA “‘s major development, international impact of exhibitions, thanks to her significant artistic accomplishments over the years leading up to her dedication to the Museum, including pavilion expansions. The museum hopes that Madame Bondil will continue to share her talents with art lovers, especially at the Institute du Monde Arabబే in Paris.

For her part, Nathalie Bondil speaks in a press release, recalling that she was “very affiliated with the Montreallers”. She said, “Thank you to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and all its teams for their many years of support in Montreal City, Quebec and Canada. Although I was seriously injured, I knew this situation would be difficult for all parties involved, especially the museum staff. I wish the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts success for the future: Thank you for all these extraordinary years.

MMFA and MMe Bondil decided not to grant the interview, especially in relation to the financial terms of the contract. Nathalie Bondil, who is of Canadian and French nationality and now lives in Paris, has had a satisfying professional influence there.

Last May, she became director of the Museum and Exhibitions Department at the Arab World Institute. Two months later, she was appointed President of the French Ministry of Culture, Roslyn Bachelet-Norquin, President of the Scientific and Cultural Artistic Council of the City de la Ceramic – Severus et Limoges. Created in 2010, the prestigious company brings together the Severus Porcelain Factory, the National Ceramics Museum and the National Museum by Adrian Dubouche in Limoges.

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