March 21, 2023

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Brave snowmobiles brave the cold

Brave snowmobiles brave the cold

Many fearless snowmobiles bravely faced freezing temperatures on Saturday and hit the trails.

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In Hot-Marisi, despite extreme cold warnings, some enthusiasts appeared at Reliance 22ml. For establishment, sanitary measures are especially heartbreaking on cold days like Saturday. Snowmobiles cannot spend more than 15 minutes inside and they are prohibited from eating there.

“We have everything to have a good snowmobile season except the famous limits,” Christine Reese, co-owner of Reliance 22 Mills, said in an interview with TVA Novelles.

Other relays contacted by telephone also agreed that exemptions should be granted for the safety of snowmobiles if traffic is very heavy.

“In those days, we had to lighten the rules. Some are canceled due to cold (…) You can get food inside, but eat outside. That does not make sense at all. And then, 10 minutes of warm-up is not enough, ”lamented Martin Benoit, president of the Saint-Michel-des-Saints Snowmobile Club.

It is also International Snowmobile Safety Week. Surveillance on trials will therefore be increased, especially under the full operational impact of the Sûreté du Québec. SQ monitors speed, reckless driving, wearing a helmet, respecting road signs and driving when weak.

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