March 28, 2023

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Parties on Downing Street | Boris Johnson, accused of “breaking the law,” is about to crack down

Parties on Downing Street |  Boris Johnson, accused of "breaking the law," is about to crack down

(London) Boris Johnson will address the “underlying culture” of Downing Street, which has allowed several parties to be placed in full custody, one of his ministers said Sunday, seeking to raise the bar after seeing his popularity plummet.

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Boris Johnson, who has been accused of “breaking the law”, is preparing to announce measures such as banning alcohol in Downing Street offices and firing several of his associates. Sunday Times.

“I assure you the Prime Minister has no regrets and is very sorry for what happened,” Oliver Dowden, chairman of the Conservative Party and Minister without portfolio, told the BBC when asked about the holiday.

“But, most importantly, he’s determined that this will not happen and that we must address the underlying culture of Downing Street,” he continued.

Photo by Alberto Pezzali, Associated Press

Sue Gray, a senior civil servant, is currently overseeing a series of festive events set up at the Prime Minister’s residence, as well as his place of work.

On Wednesday, the head of government apologized to MPs in the House of Commons, but despite the ban on such meetings, new revelations such as the continuation of “Friday aperitifs” on Downing Street during the epidemic continued to emerge.

Sunday, the Telegraph The Prime Minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, posted a photo of herself hugging a friend at a party in September 2020, during which time she clearly violated distance rules. MMe Johnson expressed his grief through a representative voice.

After receiving the Sue Gray report, Oliver Dowden assured that Boris Johnson would take “full responsibility”.

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When he apologized to parliament on Wednesday, Boris Johnson confirmed that he had attended such a party in May 2020, but said he thought it was a business meeting.

“Convenient” position

The conservative leader is fighting for his political survival.

At least six MPs from his party have publicly called for his departure, including Tim Louton, who said on Twitter that his position was “favorable”. “His resignation is the only way to end this whole unfortunate episode and I am working with colleagues to clarify this view to Downing Street,” he wrote on the social network.

To provoke a no-confidence motion and remove Boris Johnson, they must have at least 54 Tory deputies.

While Oliver Dowden has admitted “mistakes”, Labor leader Keer Stormmer has gone further accusing Boris Johnson of “breaking the law”.

For Mr Starmer, “the prime minister has stepped down and lost all power in the country, not just in his own party.” He is being demanded to resign.

According to several opinion polls published this week, his Labor party, which is ten points ahead of the Conservatives, will benefit from a “partygate”.

The scandal damaged Boris Johnson’s popularity among his constituents, combining traditional conservatives and the pro – Brexit working class.

According to an opinion poll for the newspaper The Observer Published on Sunday, 46% of pro-Brexit voters who voted for the Conservatives in 2019 say Mr Johnson should leave, while 39% want him to continue.

Boris Johnson’s popularity rating is the lowest with 64% of negative comments.

To bring it about, the Prime Minister may announce on January 26 that the restrictions attached to COVID-19 in England will be lifted in favor of reducing the number of infections, along with measures affecting Downing Street.

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