March 20, 2023

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Skylightz Gaming wins BGIS and qualifies for PMGC 2021 Grand Finals

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Skylight became the gaming champion Battlefield Mobile Ind Series (BGIS) 2021 today. They now represent the country PUBG-Mobile The World Championship (PMGC) 2021, which takes place from January 21st to 23rd.

Going into the tournament, Skylight was one of the Underdogs. Some fans expected the team to finish first, but after finishing second in the semi-finals, they ended their dream run by winning the championship.

The team received three chicken dinners in 24 games and a total of 109 wins to top the standings. They are approximately $ 67,470 away from the $ 134,000 prize pool.

The competition continued until the final match, with Skylight having only a six-point lead over TSM in the final match against Erangel. Although Skylight fell early in the game, TSM failed to capitalize and finished only fourth. They were just three points behind Skylight and finished second overall.

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Skylight will now advance to the PMGC 2021 Finals, where they will compete with the best PUBG-Mobile Teams from around the world. A Tencent spokesman previously told Dot Sports that the company plans to move the BGIS winner to Dubai to compete in the PMGC.

Here are the total standings of the BGIS 2021 Finals.

  1. Skylightz Gaming: 273 points
  2. TSM: 270 points
  3. XO Team: 244 points
  4. Godlike Sport: 230 points
  5. 7C Sports: 195 points
  6. Hyderabad: 194 points
  7. Or sport: 189 points
  8. Revenant Sports: 185 points
  9. Sports account: 184 points
  10. Enigma Gaming: 184 points
  11. UDOG India: 183 points
  12. XSpark Team: 142 points
  13. Old ESP Bonnet: 126 points
  14. Strategic Sports: 120 points
  15. Le Gang Supari: 95 points
  16. R Sports: 60 points
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