December 6, 2022

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COVID-19: More than 10,000 hospitalized in Canada

COVID-19: More than 10,000 hospitalized in Canada

COVID-19 is a sign of continuing to put a heavy burden on health systems, with Canada crossing the 10,000 hospital patient mark while carrying the virus.

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On the Quebec side, the situation has improved somewhat with the addition of another 81 hospitals for COVID-19, a number that is growing lower and lower rapidly.

Thus, a total of 3,381 people were hospitalized in the province, while 286 were in intensive care, which is relatively stable compared to the previous day (+4). Also, another 54 Quebecs were infected.

There were also 5,400 new positive cases in groups of people with access to screening centers.

On the Ontario side, hospital admissions also increased (3887, +292), while the number of people in intensive care remained stable (578, -1). The country’s most populous province added another 22 deaths Monday. Also, another 8,521 Ontarians tested positive for COVID-19.

Alberta, meanwhile, has seen more than 1,000 hospital admissions, with 15,886 cases and 23 deaths in the past three days.

In another heavily affected province, Manitoba, nearly 600 patients were hospitalized on Monday, adding 717 new cases and 20 deaths to its number.

Its neighbor, Saskatchewan, improved at 167 hospitals, but received 1,347 new infections.

Finally, British Columbia added 5,625 cases and 22 deaths to its data, surpassing the milestone of 800 patients admitted to hospital due to the virus.

In the case of the Atlantic provinces, Nova Scotia (+495 cases, +4 deaths), New Brunswick (+405, +2), Newfoundland and Labrador (239 cases) and Prince Edward Island (231 cases) also updated their data.

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Ontario: 956,607 cases (10,628 deaths)

Quebec: 801,153 cases (12,364 deaths)

Alberta: 452,381 cases (3,380 deaths)

British Columbia: 299,146 cases (2,490 deaths)

Manitoba: 110,593 cases (1,463 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 101,537 cases (961 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 30,254 cases (121 deaths)

New Brunswick: 23,173 cases (189 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 13,029 cases (24 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 4,055 cases (12 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 4,401 cases (2 deaths)

Yukon: 2,720 cases (15 deaths)

Nunavut: 1,195 cases (4 deaths)

Canadians returning home: 13 cases

Total: 2,801,446 cases (31,679 deaths)