May 22, 2022

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Data theft at Desjardins: Former employee “no media coverage”

Data theft at Desjardins: Former employee "no media coverage"

Documents released by the court on Monday at the request of the media reveal new details about the intentions of the former Deszardins employee who was unleashed by the financial institution in the spring of 2019.

On May 27, 2019, we learned that Sebastian Boulanger-Dorval Deszardins will have a second meeting within 24 hours with a focus on research and technology, his lawyer being on the telephone.

At this meeting, Sebastian Boulanger-Dorval requested that he obtain unemployment and not have indictments and that he not have media coverage of the event instead of the name of the company that sold the information., Can we read in the request for a search warrant from Sûreté du Québec (SQ) at Desjardins.

The day before, Deszardins searched his former employee’s house under the Anton pillar – type order, an unusual action applicable in the event of a civil action, in which the opposing party forces a person to search for her and enforce detention.

A total of $ 30,100 was reportedly found at his home, along with several prepaid Visa cards. Late in the evening, Boulanger-Dorwal admitted, At the first meeting, That he was selling[ait] Confidential information and databases of Desjardins clients […] Fifteen (15) months at a rate of approximately one sale every two or three months, However, without disclosing the identity of the buyer.

Evacuation drill in case of terrible fire

Earlier on May 27, 2019, Boulanger-Dorwall, a research unit in Desjardines, feared for a moment that they were taking advantage of a fire drill planned for the day. To enter the building without an access card, Disclosure of documents obtained by Radio-Canada.

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The private spinning team alleged by Deszardins Sebastian Boulanger-Dorwall visits 150, des Commandoire in Lewis and a brief overview of his disappearance. Former employee head office access card deactivated.

The evidence is in danger of being destroyed, Cyberbullying consultant Sebastian Boulanger-Dorwal’s office To protect the property as many people are hidden in his office […] And Sebastian Boulanger-Dorval called a man and asked him to go to his office to pick up something..

A former employee work desk was searched by Desjardins researchers During fire practice in the absence of other employees.

This is a suspicious transaction It happened in Laval in December 2018, which provoked suspicions for Desjardins, who complained to the Service de Police de Laval (SPL).

SQ trial Launched in June 2019. It covers crime such as identity theft, information theft, fraud of more than $ 5,000 and the benefit of a criminal organization.

The former Deszardins employee has not yet faced any charges.