May 26, 2022

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Reached the peak of the Fifth Wave in Estre?

Reached the peak of the Fifth Wave in Estre?

If the pressure on Estrie’s hospitals is still strong, several factors could indicate that the most deadly situation in the fifth wave of COVID-19 may have passed.

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COVID-19 is currently on the network compared to 1300 people. The Director of Human Resources, Communications and Legal Affairs at CIUSSS de L’Estry-CHUS, Ann Belzile confirmed at a press conference on Monday that 477 health network employees were out of work due to 19. In early January.

“By being very careful, we feel we have the good news,” Mr. Belzil explained. For at least a week, if we look at the absentee statistics due to Kovid, Kovid infected employees have a much higher return than those who leave when Kovid is absent.

Another encouraging sign is the declining number of people being hospitalized. Of the four hospitals provided for this purpose last Friday, 172 patients were admitted to the hospital and now there are 154. 20 of them were in intensive care and six were less than 3 days old.

So it may have crossed the peak of the Fifth Wave in Estri.

“Where exactly are we?” That is the question asked by Dr. Alain Poyer, still the Director of Public Health at Estre. “We have always had expectations from the National Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) on hospitalization and there, according to some regions, we hope to reach the maximum. How long will we be there? There, I’m a little more careful, ”he commented.

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“We are preparing to live with COVID-19” While waiting until the end of the epidemic, Dr. Stefan Tremble, President and CEO of CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS, confirmed that from now on, patients with COVID-19 will be hospitalized in units not dedicated to the disease, e.g. In the Medicine Unit or Surgery Unit.

“Yes, we have created hot zones for people whose condition is really affected by COVID-19, but for people who have come for other services and have COVID-19, we will not transfer them to the hot unit. We leave them in their environment and create a warm atmosphere around them, ”Dr. Tremble explained.

For the CEO of CIUSSS, this is Kovid-19. Living with influenza, gastroenteritis or other infectious problems can be a way of learning and we want to implement the same methods for COVID-19 in the future.