May 24, 2022

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How to stop snacking with EFT?

How to stop snacking with EFT?

Want Chocolate, From Cheese Or junk food after a hard day or irritation? This is called Emotional desires. To fight against these cravings for breakfast that are tied to our emotions, mental and physical discipline “Emotional freedom technology”(EFT) helps us.

EFT: What is it?

Based on the work of American psychologist Roger Callahan, Gary Craig, a graduate engineer from Stanford University, developed in 1995 the “Emotional Freedom Technique” (EFT), a sensitive and rapid therapy. More specifically, it is a blend Traditional Chinese medicine And d ‘Acupressure. This Body-mind approach Depending on the inspiration of certain meridians taken from acupuncture and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

In practice, EFT combines three important steps:

  • Row of Stimulus points on the meridian system d ‘Acupuncture By pressing the light;
  • The description of the problem is loudly crafted;
  • Self-acceptance.

Identify your problem with EFT

As in traditional Chinese medicine, EFT is premise dependent Body and mind are connected. Therefore, by circulating energy in the right way, we can reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia or some daily ailments. Desires Yet Snack Emotional.
By clearly identifying your problem using many questions (who, what, where, how, what feelings and emotions …), you can formulate it clearly and work on it. Once the problem is identified, it is important to rate its severity, such as pain, on a scale of 0 to 10. Accepting is also a crucial step. Understand the problem well and get out of it.

EFT round to manage food cravings

To better understand and manage food cravings and other emotional snacks, it is a good idea to do some EFT sessions with experts in this field. If you are looking for a quick and effective solution to fight your cravings, you can test it EFT round technique :

  • Identification of the problem: Why do I want to eat? What irritation makes me eat? ;
  • Evaluation of concepts (scale 0 to 10);
  • Create their acceptance sentence, for example, “If I want chips because I have a bad day, I love myself and I accept myself”;
  • Press the fingers 5 to 7 times on each of the 9 points in the circle, pronouncing the sentence of acceptance each time;
  • Repeat as needed.
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In practice, two rounds of points:

  • Short round : Pot in the outer corner of the eye, in the inner corner of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, on the chin, on the collarbone, under the arm, under the breast;
  • Large round : Karate point, the outer corner of the fingernail of each finger starting with the big toe, the point of range (between the nerves of the ring finger and the little finger).

Weight loss and EFT

If EFT can help you Stay away from snacks During the day, this method can also be used against emotional pounds. The second is that weight gain or loss due to recent emotional factors or being more deeply ingrained in us. These gained pounds are usually very hard to lose And recover quickly. EFT can help you identify the cause of this weight gain and free yourself from it. The goal is to regain one’s body and mind in the case of food that is considered a problem. Here, we are not talking about food, but Food rebalancing Where Eating requires pleasure. Keep in mind that there are workshops to learn how to handle EFT on your own and / or personal consultations with practitioners trained in EFT.