April 2, 2023

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Non-alcoholic beers made in Baie-Comeau

Non-alcoholic beers made in Baie-Comeau

In a few months, St-Pancrace Microbrewery in Bi-Comou will produce Celtizers with non-alcoholic beers and Nordic berries.

More specifically, the company offers non-alcoholic versions of all three existing beers, as well as low-alcohol sparkling water with two Celtic, sea buckthorn and hascop flavors.

The plant currently produces 400,000 liters of beer per year and will add 100,000 liters of these new products in the next few years.

This development will create two new jobs.

St-Pancrace Microbrewery receives approximately $ 135,000 in federal assistance for its diversification project, which costs approximately $ 440,000 to purchase and install the equipment.

The first pilot project to separate alcohol from beer was launched last year with the help of the Center for Experimentation and Development in Boreal Forest. Finally, the microbrewery firm Ferme plans to use 6 and 8 million tonnes of Haskop and Sea Buckthorn from Cot-Nord.

The first drinks are on the shelves in the spring, only on the north coast at first.

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