May 26, 2022

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Angela Merkel rejects UN job offer

Angela Merkel rejects UN job offer

Former German Chancellor has rejected a job offer from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel , Who resigned in early December, turned down a job offer from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, his office said Wednesday. Angela Merkel “phoned the UN Secretary-General last week to thank him and let him know she would not accept the offer,” her office told AFP.

His services did not specify the exact nature of the UN proposal.

But according to sources in the organization, it is a question of Antonio Guterres heading a council of diverse people to deal with the “common agenda” proposed at the end of 2021, “designed to force and expedite multilateral agreements”. This mostly festive location was not in New York.

There was no new function after his departure

Angela Merkel, who announced her resignation shortly after the German legislative elections in September 2021, has repeatedly stated on several occasions that she would not take on any new function after leaving the Chancellor. Ever since she left the political arena on December 8, Angela Merkel, 67, has dedicated herself exclusively to writing her political memoirs with her former adviser and close associate, Beat Bowman.

Ms. The writing project, which is intended to illustrate the major political decisions that Merkel made during her 16 years in power, will, according to the adviser, last for two or three years.

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A Member of Parliament for more than 30 years, the former Chancellor now holds an office on the Bundestag campus.

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