November 27, 2022

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Double Pony has found its stability, it becomes HEET gaming

Double Pony has found its stability, it becomes HEET gaming

Not to be missed is the soap opera: The French team in the top 30 in the world has finally found a home in HEET gaming. ESL lost Anaheim due to poor sanitation conditions and the team can now look to the future with calm.

HEET CS: Coming to GO!

The time for Alexandre “body” piano’s double ponies has long been over, but the wait is over, and the French top 26 team in the world has finally found the company that can see the future more calmly. After several months of searching for a stable structure, the French team finally awarded its contract to a Belgian company called HEET Gaming, which entered Sportsport in 2021 with the signing of the roster on VALORANT. Under the DBL tag, the French team saw big names like the famous Adriatic “Jacques” Jug and Nathan “NBK-” Schmidt playing under their colors. It was impossible for the players to remember their circumstances, and eventually the young Pierre “X3 Arces” was selected as the fifth player on the Bullinge team.

The community is widely supported and partly thanks to the original communication on social networks, DBL PONEY gradually became a “darling” team without organization and without pay. Image of the Forgotten and Non-Professional Sport: The Age of DBLs Is Over. While GoY’s research was in full swing, the lineup competed in several RMR events, while competing in leagues such as the ESEA Premier and (many) online qualifiers, all results enough to complete the year in the HLTV Top 30. The final qualifier to date, the next ESL Challenger Tournament in February, they won and they are now ready to play with teams like Extra Salt, 9z and Order, so, their first competition under the HEET banner.

As soon as we started watching the DBL Pony Roster, we immediately believed that this team would fit into our larger family. A group of 5 friends, determined to be the best for over a year – without any support from Org – and still reaching the top 30 of HLTV and staying there for a long time, showing a strong determination and desire to succeed. These are features I always see not only in our players but also in our staff. […] Signing up with DBL is a big step for us as an organization, but I’m 100% sure it’s the right step. It will be a long term project for us, it will give us a lot of experience and a lot of opportunities. This year our goals are to compete competitively in the Major, maintain our position as the best 100% French roster and reach the top 15 in the HLTV rankings.

Jasur “Jazz” Avizov, COO of HEET

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During their research, Complexity and other organizations also approached the DBL, and negotiations with HEET Gaming finally succeeded. With fewer ways DBL could still win a cash prize of € 38,000 on its way, it’s still interesting to see how things in the six elements of HEET gaming change when the tag ever comes back, a structure befitting the name of those interested in leading the top five …

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