May 18, 2022

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-37% off Game Mario Party Superstars on Amazon

-37% off Game Mario Party Superstars on Amazon

Important family game currently on sale

Currently, the Amazon site applies an instant discount on the game Mario Party Superstars. The latest version of the Nintendo license has an instant discount of 37%. You can treat yourself or a loved one while saving money. The general benefits of the site are related to the duration of the sale. For example, this game qualifies for priority shipping with Amazon Prime. Additionally, all purchases can be made in several installments due to payment in 4 installments by credit offer or credit card.

100 mini-games from various Nintendo universes

In Mario Party Superstars, You have access to many mini-games from the most classic to the most original. The principle of the game is very simple: players roll a dine, which allows the pawn to move into place. Some locations trigger a mini-game.

Racing, reflexes, agility games … Once you pass the test, you accumulate stars to unlock higher levels. Enemies can steal these stars from you, in which case you will need to restart the previous levels. The diverse tables are inspired by the brand’s distinctive graphics, especially the covers of Nintendo 64 themes.

Complete online mode

From the beginning, the series Mario Party A collaborative game aims to bring family or friends together. A maximum of 4 players can play locally on a single screen. Mario Party Superstars There is also a mode Online. With all the game modes offered in this Opus it is possible to face players from all over the world.

Winter sales begin on January 12 and end on February 8, 2022. This promotional period allows you to equip yourself with high-tech, home appliances and video games.

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