March 28, 2023

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A more immersive gaming experience thanks to Samsung and Nvidia

Samsung first introduced HDR10 + gaming to the public at CES 2022. The desire of Koreans is to create the best gaming experience possible. But in addition to the current TV or monitor from Samsung from 2022, you will also need a computer with a powerful graphics card from Nvidia. And in order to take advantage of this expensive hardware capability, the appropriate games must support the new standard. So far, these are just a few matches.

So is HDR10 + gaming useless? No need, because the plans are ambitious. Above all, Samsung wants to stand up to the new competition HDR standard Dolby Vision Gaming.

What is HDR10 + gaming and how does it work?

HDR10 + Gaming is based on the HDR HDR10 + standard developed by HDR10 + Technologies, which Samsung promotes exclusively with its televisions. In addition to extended dynamic range and up to 10-bit color depth, Game Extension provides variable refresh rate (VRR) for gaming content, as well as other game-related features including support for automatic HDR calibration and tone mapping. With less delay.

HDR10 + Gaming offers a better HDR experience, especially on PC. (Image: Samsung)

The technical ones seem to be very practical, especially for gamers – and can provide the right experience for developers who adhere to uniform specifications and thus gamers. If you have the right equipment.

HDR10 + gaming has obvious advantages: Manual screen calibration is no longer required for HDR gaming. The game automatically optimizes video output, so it clearly takes into account the creative intentions of developers who want to incorporate specific lighting effects or color representations.

In addition, tone mapping is used, which does not increase the latency and adjusts the digital signals to the technical possibilities of the TV according to the HDR metadata.

What hardware do I need?

With HDR10 + gaming, Samsung wants to encourage gamers to buy new TVs first. The 2022 models in the NEO QLED series starting with the Q70 series must first take advantage of the new opportunities. Gaming monitors from 2022 will also include HDR10 + gaming. Panasonic, co-founder of HDR10 + Technologies along with Samsung, is also expected to set a future gaming standard, but has not yet announced the TVs.

Gaming monitors with HDR10 + gaming will arrive later this year.  (Image: Samsung)
Gaming monitors with HDR10 + gaming will arrive later this year. (Image: Samsung)

Compatible computers for HDR10 + games are also required. And here chipmaker Nvidia is a pioneer. All RTX 16, 20 and 30 series graphics cards must be compatible later this year with driver updates.

No console manufacturer currently intends to support HDR10 + gaming. AMD did not even participate in its graphics chips.

How is HDR10 + Gaming different from Dolby Vision Gaming and HGiG?

Anyone who has dealt a bit with Dolby Vision Gaming will ask exactly where the differences are with HDR10 + Gaming. And in fact: there are no significant differences in terms of functionality, except for one thing: Dolby Vision Gaming also offers optimization for games that offer HDR or auto-HDR. HDR10 + games provide only the ideal picture of the games designed for it. Additionally, Dolby Vision Gaming supports 12-bit color depth and a maximum of 10-bit HDR10 + gaming.

Dolby Vision Gaming is subtly superior.  (Image: Microsoft)
Dolby Vision Gaming is subtly superior. (Image: Microsoft)

Basically, you could say: Dolby Vision Gaming is currently available exclusively on consoles (from Microsoft), and only on HDR10 + gaming counter computers (with current Nvidia graphics cards).

HGiG, on the other hand, is not the standard, but a set of instructions from HDR Gaming Interest Group (HGiG) on how manufacturers (TVs and monitors, but also development studios) should design their products. HDR quality as best as possible. HDR10 + also uses HGiG’s recommendations for gaming tone mapping, i.e. automatic calibration for the best HDR quality. Many companies use these specifications on the PlayStation 4 and 5 on Sony and its Xbox consoles, including Microsoft and most television manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, etc.).

However, it leaves out important features such as HGiG VRR and 120Hz frame rate for games that are in demand. Here, HDR10 + Gaming and Dolby Vision Gaming are obvious.

Which games are compatible?

By January 2022, the range of games that utilize HDR10 + gaming capabilities has been reduced. Samsung named these titles:

  • Flipper FX
  • Doubt 2
  • Happy Trails and the Kidnapped Princess

But with the release of compatible graphics card drivers from Nvidia, the situation may change for the better. However, one thing is clear: without the support of popular and popular games, HDR10 + games should not be prevalent.

Will HDR10 + Gaming Work on the Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5?

So far, Microsoft and Sony have shown no interest in bringing HDR10 + games to their consoles. Technically it is possible. Software update for Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5 But perhaps personal interests guarantee that this will not change in the future. Microsoft is working with Dolby to bring Dolby Vision Gaming to current Xbox consoles.

HDR10 + Games for PlayStation 5?  Right now this is unlikely.  (Image: Sony)
HDR10 + Games for PlayStation 5? Right now this is unlikely. (Image: Sony)

Sony is not interested in supporting HDR10 + gaming. Even the HDR10 + standard available for video content has not yet entered the Japanese Bravia TVs. But even Sony is not changing to conform to the Dolby Vision. The company relies mainly on HDR (regular) or HGiG.

Will this change in the coming years? Not clear.

Is HDR10 + worth gaming (right now)?

No. Currently (as of January 2022) no. For HDR10 + gaming, you need a computer with an expensive TV and an expensive Nvidia graphics card. For example, if you invest 2000 euros and more, you can only enjoy a few games by this standard. Even for beginners and enthusiasts it doesn’t really make sense.

What is the future?

Predicting the future is still too early. The fact is that HDR10 + has not yet caught on – the standard designed for video content is mainly found in televisions from Samsung and Panasonic and in specific series from Amazon Prime Video. Although more than 128 partners support HDR10 +, it is not just reaching users. This is also possible in the case of branches of the game.

HDR10 + failed to win ... (Photo: HDR10 + Technologies)
HDR10 + failed to win … (Photo: HDR10 + Technologies)

On the other hand: HDR10 + has gaming potential. So far, there is no equivalent Dolby Vision game for PC gamers, so with some help from the standard Nvidia the grip can be achieved and spread. This is because HDR10 + Gaming sets clear rules on how a computer and display can best communicate with each other to coordinate VRR, tone mapping, 120Hz and less delay with the best HDR quality. This form does not yet exist on PC.

If gamers see real added value and future games take advantage, the standard will stand a chance – if enough people buy the right monitors and graphics cards. However, competition never sleeps …

HDR10 Gaming Thanks to a more immersive gaming experience

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