May 26, 2022

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Felix Agar-Aliassim confidently passed in the fourth round

Felix Agar-Aliassim confidently passed in the fourth round

For the second year in a row, Felix Agar-Aliassim advanced to the round of 16 at the Australian Open. He advanced to the next round with a quick victory over Britain’s Daniel Evans.

This is the fifth time he has reached at least the fourth round of his last six Grand Slam tournaments. Model of stability.

“It’s like anything in life. When you experience new things, it takes you a while to find your comfort zone,” Felix Agar-Aliassim told a news conference.

“I also know that games are going to be long. You need to be relaxed and focused so you know the opportunities will come and go. We saw it in my first round match.

“Past experiences give you more confidence in your abilities, but they do not guarantee you success.”

This beautiful confidence will face a good test in the next game. Agar-Aliasmee will take on fifth seed Russian Andrei Rublev in a surprise knockout, Marin Cilic. The Croatian has won all three matches between him and Agar-Aliassim on the ATP Tour.

Fred Fontang’s protg won only one of the seven sets he competed against. The final clash took place in the final of the grass court tournament in Stuttgart last year.

Since that collision, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and Agar-aliasim is now a different player. We may want to set the next record straight.

Revenge of the sweet

Agar-aliasim took sweet revenge on Saturday night by Montreal time. He defeated Evans in a convincing manner (6-4, 6-1 and 6-1). This is Evans, who lost his first ATP title to Agar-Aliasim at a warm-up tournament in Melbourne last year.

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Arbitrary performance proving he was the boss on the ninth rocket court in the world.

“It’s hard not to be happy with my performance,” Agar-aliasmi said. I worked well during the match and I enjoyed the ball very much.

“I know, if I continue, good things will happen.”

The defeat to Evans last year did not bother him much.

“I did not think much of it. I played very badly in this final. I know he’s a better player than I have ever shown. I’m a better player overall now.

“I did not want to repeat last year’s illustration. I was physically, mentally and strategically ready. I was ready for anything.”

Key: Service

The quality of Agar-aliasim’s performance is often linked to his serve success. When he is confident with that part of his game, it becomes harder to beat him.

Source? Against Evans, he won his 91% of points when he was able to land his first pitch.

“I’m more relaxed than I did in my first two games in the tournament,” L’Ancian-Loret said proudly. “I was able to generate more energy and keep my ball better.”

Although he dominated, Agar-aliasim continued his cruising pace. He was wary of Evans.

“In the end, I wanted to keep my focus. When I got under control, I never looked back. I continued to serve well, giving me opportunities in his serve. It’s good to win this way for the rest of things.