May 26, 2022

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$ 720 rent increase for single mother

$ 720 rent increase for single mother

Nancy Richard Larivier, a beneficiary attendant and single mother of two, received a cold shower a few days ago when her employer sent her a specially high rent increase notice.

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As of July 1, her accommodation will no longer cost $ 1,480 per month, but $ 2,200. This is an increase of almost 50% to $ 720 per month.

Only a resident of St. Joseph-du-Locke in Laurentians received the bad news. All the tenants in the group of buildings belonging to the same owner realized that their rent would soon be much higher.

Faced with such an increase, Nancy Richard Larivier had no choice but to move her family, only a year and a half after they arrived at the lodge.

“During an epidemic, changing myself, doing all this with the kids, changing schools, changing friends, it really puts a lot of stress on me, just like them. I really did not expect that, ”she said in an interview with TVA Novelles.

“I live with anxiety every day,” the single mother added.

Practice permitted by law

This rent increase is legal because Mrs. Richard Larivier’s house was built five years ago. The landlord has a provision that allows him to increase his rent at will.

This provision was introduced to encourage rental construction.

“The legislator planned to hire a builder even though the project was not complete and to make sure he could raise these rents,” explained Benoit Saint-Mary, director general of CORPIQ.

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