March 24, 2023

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PLQ wants to create a deconstruction squad to provide more speculation

Chef Dominic Anglade believes that the time has come for Quebecs to learn to live with the virus and that the Legal government should stop treating the epidemic as a short – term crisis. To achieve this, it calls for the creation of a separate unit that bears its name COVIE-19 And it also submits the logo and slogan to the government, which reads as follows: Let’s work together to live better with the virus.

Liberals came up with this logo as well as a slogan for the particular unit they wanted to create.

Photo: Quebec Liberal Party

The purpose of this special unit is to determine the health measures that need to be implemented to ensure a rapid and safe recovery of the economy. The business world, restaurants, culture, manufacturing, schools and places of worship do not all face the same challenges so a plan must be drawn up for each sector.

It is mandated to set up a distribution network for homes, schools and businesses as well as to set up supply schedules for medical equipment, medications, screening tests and ventilation equipment. She is also responsible for planning vaccination campaigns.

The squad is formed As long as the virus.

What needs to be done is to put an end to management which means we learn without any foresight what will happen the next day from the press briefing to the press briefing., Opened Dominic Angled at a press conference on Sunday morning to clarify his plan.

The liberal leader is calling for “dates, standards and protocols” for various financial sectors to plan when and how to resume operations. She also asks that a plan be decided in advance on how to respond when other waves of pollution come under attack.

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We must reopen, but above all we give ourselves a way to avoid closing again, She says.

We can no longer continue to play yo-yo with Quebecars.

A quote from Dominic Anglade, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

Called to respond, Office of the Minister of Health, Christian Dubey Is in constant consultation with sectors already affected by the closure.

Creating a new structure at this point makes things even more messy, He argued via email.

Moreover, liberals are criticizing the government for having only health and communication professionals in the current crisis unit. The squad they envisioned will include representatives from various relevant ministries. For example, officials from the Ministries of Economy, Education, Culture and Tourism are brought together to work with key players on the field, such as the Employers’ Council or the Union of Artists.

An independent scientific committee headed by the Quebec Chief Scientist will also be formed to guide unit members in their scientific decisions.

The Liberal Party is also once again calling for a clear separation between political actors and public health, especially through special press briefings and written and accessible recommendations from the second example.

The proposal was made to Franకోois Legalt two days after Dominic Angled’s decision. No more attending weekly meetings On this occasion the Prime Minister met with the leaders of the opposition parties to review the situation and hear their suggestions.

Criticism has been pouring in from all quarters since the government announced. Unlike Ontario, Quebec does not currently intend to relax health measures. The pressure is strong! Inaugurated by Prime Minister Legalt At a press conference last Thursday.

A civil disobedience movement is taking shape in restaurants as some threaten to open their dining rooms illegally on January 30. Sports federations are urging a rapid resumption of their activities, which are considered essential to the resilience of young people, and calling for the resumption of Tabernacles du Quebec places of worship, arguing that prayer is an important support for those who have faith. For mental health.