May 27, 2023

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Most non-smokers are affected, the study finds

Most non-smokers are affected, the study finds

The Annual Congress of French Pulmonologists was held here Small This weekend. On this occasion The
Doctors The alarm bell rang. According to a study conducted once every ten years, the number
Lung cancer Reports say it is growing well, especially among women RTL. Another worrying observation: although most are associated with cancer
Tobacco, Non-smokers are most affected.

Patients who have never smoked in their life now make up 12% of those who suffer from lung cancer. This is almost double the results achieved twenty years ago. The causes of this diagnosis can be many : Genetic factors; Environmental factors such as pollution; Or occupational factors such as exposure to asbestos.

“False” disease

Toxins that have been used for a long time in construction can lead to bronchial cancers. “Lung cancer is long-lived and asymptomatic,” said the head of the pulmonology department at Mulhouse Hospital. By the time patients arrive with symptoms, it’s too late.

In case of potential exposure, it is therefore strongly recommended to go to the doctor and get tested. If maintenance is early, when the tumor is still less than 1 cm, the chances of survival in five years are 90%. After the development of metastases they are only 5%.

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