May 18, 2022

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Sanitary measures: A doctor appealed to party leaders for solidarity

Sanitary measures: A doctor appealed to party leaders for solidarity

A doctor, tired of the health network’s satisfaction, invited Eric Duheim to spend a day with him in hospital, calling for solidarity with political parties.

“It’s not about whether we agree or not. [avec les mesures sanitaires]. Everyone is fed up with sanitation measures. Everyone wants to get out of there. That fact must be taken into account. “

Last week, the leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party called on Prime Minister Franois Legalt to end all health measures in place in Quebec, ruling that they could not prevent the current crisis.

“While everyone was hanging on to a thread, now Mr. Duhaim came out in public and said ‘sanitary measures are adequate’. This trip left us completely lonely. We were alone,” laments Dr. Goulet.

“I understood his cry from the heart,” says Mr. Duheim declined Dr. Goulette’s invitation on the grounds that he “could not legally do so.” [le] He is currently being treated at a Quebec hospital. “

However, the cardiologist found that it was painful for party leaders to play politics over health network failures at a time when hospitals in the province were overcrowded.

“The purpose of the open letter I wrote to Mr. Duheim is the same, but I may have written the same letter to Mrs. Anglade. Where is Mrs. Angled to support health care people? Where is Mr. Saint-Pierre-Plamandon to support the Health Network? Where is Mr. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois? Radio silence from these three other parties, ”he said.

“The message I want to bring today is that we are tired, you like us. Here, we are alone and we want, for the last kilometers we have left in the marathon, the last days, weeks, we have left to do in this 5th wave, we have to assume that everyone is saying the same thing and going in the same direction, ”he adds.

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Dr. Gaulette believes that if he thinks there is a need for discussion on the need to improve the health network, this is not the right time to do so.

“When the house is on fire, it is not surprising that we have smoke detectors or sprinklers in the house. The house is on fire! What are we doing now to protect this organization as best we can? Later, when it is over, we will sit there, ”he said.