November 29, 2023

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Sports Activities, Restaurants and Meetings | Towards relaxations on January 31st

Sports Activities, Restaurants and Meetings |  Towards relaxations on January 31st

(Quebec) Quebec is preparing to give the green light to resume sports activities for young people on January 31, and also plans to allow the reopening of limited conventions in restaurants, dining rooms and homes on that day.

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Tommy Chaunard

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Denise Lessard

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Messa Fera

According to ongoing discussions at Public Health, the two family bubbles will be allowed to meet at a restaurant table. This power extends to home meetings. One family bubble welcomes another in the house.

The civil and extra-curricular games reserved for youngsters will resume on January 31. Over the past few days, the government has been under a lot of pressure to allow young people to return to their sporting activities – including internally – which has been an inspiration to many.

Another relaxation: places of worship will also reopen at the end of the month.

However, no date has been announced for the reopening of museums, bars and movie theaters. However, a deconstruction sequence can be invented to provide some assessment of the relevant sectors. We fix the order in which the health indications lighten.

Hospital admissions are declining

Quebec began to open the trap of control as hospital admissions began to decline. He hopes the fall will continue in the coming days. On Sunday, 12 low COVID-19 related hospitalizations were reported, while another 33 deaths occurred.

A total of 3,283 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 in Quebec. Currently, 272 patients are in intensive care, 2 less than on Saturday.

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33 new deaths brought the daily average to 69, an increase of 32% in one week. We are now investigating 12,799 deaths associated with COVID-19 since their appearance in Quebec.

There were also 5,141 new Kovid-19 cases. Note, however, that the number of cases in Quebec does not represent a reliable indicator of pandemic evolution, as access to PCR testing is limited to certain groups, including health care workers.

The average number of new cases over the last 7 days is at 5,697, down more than 29.4% compared to the previous Sunday.

The number of active outbreaks decreased slightly from 1625 to 1623.

A total of 34,971 scans were performed on January 21st. The positivity rate fell 1.1 percent to 10.5 percent.

Vaccines have been given in less than 75,299 doses in the last 24 hours, including 3,755 first doses and 53,800 booster doses.

The proportion of people aged 5 and over is still 90%; Of these, 83% received a second dose and approximately 39% received a booster dose.

Nearly 3,800 people were hospitalized in Ontario

Ontario reports that 3,797 patients have now been hospitalized and 604 are in intensive care due to COVID-19.

This is a decrease compared to the previous day when 4,026 hospitals were registered in the province. There are 600 patients in intensive care.

Since more than 10% of hospitals do not provide weekend updates, officials say the figures are not fully hospitalized.

Ontario Public Health also reported 57 new deaths related to COVID-19.

In terms of the number of new cases, it was 5,833. However, Ontario suggests that the number of new infections may be higher due to more limited access to screening tests.

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A total of 371 long-term care settings had an active prevalence, down from 368 the day before.

On January 31st, the Ontario restaurant will reopen its dining rooms, gyms and cinemas by limiting their capacity, while increasing the number of people allowed in the home meetings.

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