May 26, 2022

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“Cracks in the foundation” from residential construction guarantees

"Cracks in the foundation" from residential construction guarantees

Stephanie Gadouri had to go to mediation against GCR to repair her roof.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Mold in the attic

His flat-roofed house was built in a new neighborhood in a suburb north of Montreal. To get an accurate picture of the problem, she has the services of home inspection expert Mario Roy. This expert found that mold was already spreading on the attic of his house. We could see that there were huge increases of mold on the structure of the building, which was precisely caused by the lack of ventilation., Said Mario Roy, who is also president of the Corporation of Property Quality Inspectors.

Image by Mario Roy.

Mario Roy, inspector, argued in favor of comprehensive inspections.

Photo: Radio-Canada

His contractor was carrying out the misting work, but he refused to do the demolition work as recommended by his expert. I have a medical condition, I have a weakened immune system, so we had to deal with it very quickly to make sure it did not affect my health.. Ms. GCR, a company that has been running a guarantee plan for new homes in Quebec since 2015, has faced contractor rejection. Gaddafi was contacted.

The GCR consolidator does not detect the presence of mold

Stephanie Gadouri’s second surprise will take place in the presence of a negotiator appointed by the agency responsible for assessing the merits of her lawsuit. She told us: “Listen, Mrs. Gadauri, it’s normal to have mold on your roof … everyone has it.”

Mold on a wooden beam.

Mold in the attic of Stephanie Gadouri.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Residential Construction Guarantee is a company independent of builders Commitment is protecting buyers, As seen and heard in the GCR corporate video.

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In her decision, the GCR consolidator noted Ventilation problem And you Risk of mold formation, But it makes no mention of the actual existence of the fungus. So there is no need to contaminate.

Mold on plywood board.

Mold in the attic of Stephanie Gadouri.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The photos taken by Stephanie Gadouri expert are very clear. I did not come back. She was well aware that there was mold. To me, this is abuse, She says. The expert she chooses agrees with this explanation. As we mentioned she should have written “important mold in such a place, in such a place and in such a place”, This is Mario Roy.

This is a mistake, Verify GCR

In the event that GCR disagrees with the decision, builders and buyers may request that the decision be reviewed by an arbitrator. This is exactly what Stephanie Gaddafi is doing. Angered by her cousin’s attitude, she also complained to Reggie du Batiment du Quebec. I, I confirm that we were received politely by the person. During the discussion, she reassured us: “Well, Mrs. Gadauri, I saw others. Then you have a good contractor!” I do not know if you’ve seen the GCR website, but it’s great about helping customers. I, I can not feel alive at that time.

Francois-William Simard, Vice-President, Communications, GCR, found that the coordinator had made a mistake.

Must be in black and white to print. This is the observation I am sharing with you today, it should be written in black and white.

A quote from Franకోois-William Simard
Portrait Franకోois-William Simard.

Franకోois-William Simard, Vice-President Communications, Residential Construction Guarantee (GCR).

Photo: Radio-Canada

Turnaround situation

During the arbitration, the management of the GCR fully reviewed the decision of the negotiator. Attic demolition, repair of the roof, as well as the addition of ventilation grills.

The builder is said to have built dozens of houses similar to Stephanie Gadouri in the area. In addition, GCR received 42 denunciations for 30 houses in the sector. Corrective work was carried out to improve the ventilation of some buildings and reimbursements were granted.

But just days before work began on Stephanie Gadouri last September, the GCR ownership was concerned.

Something is bothering the person responsible for overseeing the repair work at Stephanie Gadouri. In an exchange of emails we received a copy of, he wrote to his superior:

In most properties on this street, the owners have a front louver or no front louver. […] So, when the neighbors go to see that they are installing GCR shutters and there is only one on their house … what is your opinion?

This email is intended for GCR Senior Vice President Jean-Pascal Labros to reply: It’s hard to say honestly if it makes neighbors respond. We have always had a strong suspicion that this project would go wrong with a large number of complaints.

We assume that GCR fears the multiplication of complaints from neighbors from this conversion, as evidenced by the remaining emails. Making visible changes definitely puts us at risk.

The Vice President seems to expect the teams to be more discreet when asked the following question: Do we have other technical alternatives?.

This is not acceptable – GCR

Asked Bill, First expressed by the Vice President of Communications of GCRInternal negotiations are going on, because it is not acceptable.

The main interested party is of the same opinion. Stephanie Gadouri explained that it was really sad for the people. We still invest thousands of dollars in a home, which is a lifetime investment.


GCR in numbers:

  • 15,033 guarantee certificates were issued
  • 1091 Complaints
  • 250 work folders are supported by GCR

The GCR management, which requested a second interview, requested the following explanation: The emails you see are conversions that define the correct solution. Ms Gaddafi is the only one with a mold problem. Since then, François-William Simard directs, Ms. A good solution at Gadouris does not necessarily have to be a good solution at neighboring buildings, and we are trying to prevent people from expecting the same corrective solution.

Management regrets the content of the email. Is the email well written? No answer, Vice President of GCR, recognizes communications. Is very clear on that. It should have said different words. We have Ms. Take the time to communicate with Gaddafi’s immediate neighbors? The answer is yes. It is important to learn from mistakes or things you do not do right.

Bill GCR has received numerous complaints from frustrated employers about the way they handle their work. In response to these allegations, the company hopes to review the way complaints are processed when consumers turn to mediation.

Reported by Franకోois Dollar and Martin Zolicour Bill Tuesday night at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 12:30 pm at the ICI Télé.